What do YOU want halo 5 to look like?

So, half of the community want Halo 5 to have a Gritty, Dark Atmosphere, similar to it’s respective teaser; Whilst the other half want it bright and colourful like Halo 3. Why not both? For example, If you are playing the campaign, it can be dark and somewhat haunting at times with a soundtrack similar to CE’s The Maw, “Yawning Chasm”.

It can also be colourful when you are in a map where it is intentionally trying to be - rather than giving a hair-raising feel, gives you a sense of astonishment.

Another Idea is that the game should have gore. Unlike other people that want gore for the sake of having fun blowing people up, I want it for dramatic effect like Halo: Evolutions, Hence why I think it should be scripted rather than a gameplay mechanic, because that MIGHT ruin the effect. Though it should have the ability to be CENSORED for the people who disagree with such grim-dark nature.

They should also limit the amount of cheesy quotes that replace f!!k with snap or damn. Either they say something more realistic or not say anything at all.