What do you want from the Mythic REQ Pack?

343i said in the Warzone Firefight Livestream that it will contain at least 1 Ultra-Rare Certification and a whole bunch of 1-use Mythic REQs.

More than anything, I’m hoping for Mantis Certification- I haven’t even gotten the Certification for the standard Mantis, so that’s at the top of my list. Right now, the only Ultra-Rare certification I have is for the Urban Scorpion, which doesn’t feel much different from my regular Scorpion (the description says it has extra armor, but I swear it has the same health as the standard version). Also hoping I get a lot of Hannibal stuff for the 1-use items; I really hope I get mostly vehicles.

I have all certs, but I was hoping for a WZF emblem or something limited. It doesn’t seem like that so no sense spending 80 grrr on something you can get for 10.

If it gave more certifications Id be more interested. All those one-use REQs dont sound that useful. Why use a Nornfang when I can combine an Arrow of Time with a Damage Boost (of which I have dozens of both)?

I want the ultra rare Hydra Launcher Echiona or either Spartan Laser variant Endgame/Selene’s Lance. I just need those two weapons for mastery of all the weapons.

I wouldn’t mind any of the ultra rare vehicles as I think I only have Banshee Ultra, Mantis, and some kind of gause hog. I want to get vehicle commendations next. So I will probably be pleased with anything.