What do you want from a progression system?

  • Score based. (Similar to MCC)
  • Long-term challenge based. (Similar to Reach)
  • Rank based. (Similar to H3)
  • Combination of the above.
  • Other - explain in reply

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Score Based
There would be different ranks to achieve, like in Halo MCC. You have a huge goal for max rank for example 20,000,000. After a game you get whatever your player score was closer to the next rank. Scores would start closer together and get further apart as you go up the ranks. At some point it will take months maybe even years to level up to the next rank. Tie some unlocks to certain big milestones. Could even have a re-up/prestige system to eliminate the longer grind seen in Halo MCC.

Long-term Challenge Based
There would be different challenges which are required to level up your rank. The challenges would range in length and difficulty with some being easy like capture 10 flags and others being much longer like kill 20,000 players, etc etc. The challenges level up your progression when they are completed. At first you will level up quickly by doing challenges so can rapidly level by doing lots of smaller ones, but slows down and requires more complete challenges to level up. Would need a huge number of challenges for people to do so that the progression lasts years for most players. Maybe have more challenges than is required to hit max rank so not every challenge is required if some are particularly tough or not suitable for every player. Gives a little leeway. Could also tie special nameplates to final tiers of long challenges E.G cap 300 hills get a special KOTH emblem, nameplate or armour piece etc etc.

Rank Based
Like Halo 3 you can only progress if you win lots of games and also level up in ranked. Only Onyx players could hit the max progression rank in this circumstance. Your highest rating in any ranked playlist would factor into what rank you can progress to. Every win brings your score up that dictates your rank. Halo 3 did 1xp for win, 0 for loss, -1 for quit. Players would be capped at a lower titled rank until they progressed their skill ranking upwards. You could have special unlocks tied to total wins, and increasing rank.


Based on what you described I would like to see a combo of score based and long-term challenge based progression. I think rank based would be too limiting for a majority of the community since you even said only onyx players would rank max rank. I think time invested should be rewarded without regard to personal skill. Skill could make things quicker but should not be the only factor.


I agree, my personal preference is challenges and score. However, I wouldn’t do 2,000 score plus 1,000 challenges = 3,000.

I’d say rank X requires total 50,000 score and 40 points of challenges to achieve. So a player with 39 challenges and 300,000 score will be stuck at a rank until they progress one more challenge.

It’s somewhat unique and would mean players would have some interesting things to focus on rather than just a big exp bar that just gets bigger. I find they lose meaning as you rank up and the grind gets more severe. It can help deviate your focus.

I know some people liked Halo 3 and I was a 5* General, but I think it is too restrictive.


I like that idea because it would help nudge people out of their comfort zone a bit to rank up. It could also work in combination with the score and challenge systems that are already in the game and just expand upon it a bit and make the progression permanent. Keep weekly rewards as is but add in rewards for each Spartan rank.

Maybe even have an “ultimate challenge” that unlocked once you reached the score and challenge completed requirements similar to the weekly ultimate that could be a bit more unique than the already existing challenges. Hopefully a mixture of PvP and campaign challenges or some that could be completed with bots so lower skilled/less competitive players are not left out.


I want a mixture of Halo Reach and Halo 3. I like the long-term challenge base with a mixture of needing to get to a certain rank to achieve that through playing rank.


i would like to see 2 systems, a Progression system (based on militairy ranks, just like MCC) where you rank up with score based XP and challenge XP.

And beside that i like to see a commendation system where you can unlock rare and higly valued cosmetics for your spartan.


What is the point of the progression system other than “number go up”? Do we get to unlock skills or anything?

It’s just an bragging issue :wink:

Based on how the game is with its battle pass and challenge system, the only thing I want more than anything else is per match earnable credits tied to performance, if they had this it would buy a massive amount of goodwill in my book -likely the rest of the community as well-, even if nothing else changed, if I could earn at least 5-10cr per match I’d be happy.
Edit: if they tied earnable credits to ranking up rather than just per match credits I think this would have the opposite effect on the community.

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I don’t think they’d make much money if you could earn 5 credits per match.

Have it almost exactly like reach’s leveling system(where its xp based but challenges gave out bonus xp with no daily xp cap) and i would be satisfied

With the choices i have to pick combination of above as that was how reach’s level system worked

I like combination of all. I like having short, medium, and long term goals for a game. MCC unlock system is great. To bad they don’t have any plans to add any more cosmetics to the game, which is the only real draw back as once you unlock all the seasons and all the stuff in the store all that is left is grind out xp for the different tour emblem (but at least that is something). But the main thing is you should be able to progress in several playlist rather than having to play one particular playlist to progress. Which maybe a playlist you don’t like. If they want to do special event cosmetics/playlist that is fine, but it shouldn’t hinder you in the regular battle pass and it should be so playlist specific.

I would be happy with any progression system that rewards playing the game in the ways you actually want to play the game. The progression systems for Halo 3, Reach, and MCC all work because they just reward you for playing the game. They don’t try to get you to play some sort of weird meta-game that forces you to not play the game in a normal manner.

Honestly the current challenge/XP system would be (mostly) fine if the challenges were just super generic (get 50 kills, get 20 assists, earn 1000 objective points, get 15 headshots, complete 10 games, etc…).

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All three of these need to exist, but they should be their own separate categories. Ranked should unlock their own set of emblems (and hopefully, coatings) each season. Performance-based XP progression system should work similarly to MCC’s military ranks and tours and H5’s SR-1 - SR-152. And long-term challenges should work like H5’s commendations, Targetmaster skins, and Achilles armor.

I know that they are carefully crafting it right now, but it needs to either:

  1. Come out at Season 3
  2. Take more time but hidden data they have collected needs to retroactively grant us progress that we should have earned from S1 up until that point.

I think taking into account how many “eliminations” we get , we can earn “X” ammount of xp, would be the least we could get. I also think what breaks the progression system is to have the event challenges stick around even tho we have completed the event. This takes about 2-3 slots of challenges that you don’t need to do and we are forced to play a playlist just to get those challenges out of the way. It hurts the system that this event is also a single player experience so you can’t farm those XP with friends.

I want:

  1. A base amount for simply completing the match, independent of performance
  2. Then a little bonus for winning
  3. On top of that, XP for performance (personal score/medals)
  4. Optional daily and weekly challenges for extra XP
  5. Long term commendations for XP and unlock-able items
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H3’s progression system was a nice introduction for MP from H2. It brought all the playlists together so you could gain points and work towards your goal.

My issue with Reach was that they never evolved the progression they changed it. H3’s was more exciting and had more thrills but it only lasted around 100 games before you got locked in. Then progression was played at that level - Brigadier General here!

For me even though Reach lasted longer with the drive for inheritor it got stale and tedious repeating the same challenges each week. It took emphasis away from the game and produced a new Meta, which @AeneousRobin961 has already spoke about.

Even H4 had something different and interesting. Where you could choose your own route to level up as a certain type of Spartan. I think I chose engineer to start, but then this lost its relevance when it didn’t really matter what you chose and after you could complete all the different types to complete. But it was interesting.

Personally for Infinite I would like a mix, but what I think what should be evident when you play is who you are and how you play the game. If I get matched with some body I want to be able to tell straight away that player has spent most of their time in forge or if @Ken_CTF is a level 50 in Slayer or @Super87Ghost is an Inheritor.

For me a progression system only works when it’s visible to the people around - as @Super87Ghost said it bragging rights.

So I would show the experience through a symbol - which would equate to what games they play the most then a rating to resemble the skill of that player in what you’re playing.

Regarding challenges PVE is the best place to take part in those to gain XP which can be explored a lot more than they have!

Just a nugget from me - I’d have in this game for PVE is a speed running leader board and fire fight leader board… where bragging rights can be attained. Medals are great to wear, but 343 needs to let me wear them.

Edit: regarding xp in multiplayer I would reward XP through the medals you earn and wins. I would take challenges out of MP altogether… (kills and games played could earn XP, but I wouldn’t make them challenges. I would award them as being apart of the progression tree.

Let’s put emphasis on the word TREE. I don’t think everybody should be following the same line of progression as all our goals for this game are different.


I think any XP rank works better if it is at least slightly tethered to skills. XP for every match, but a bit more with a win and/or accumulating medals.

Keep it entirely separate from the actual skill ranks.

I like the nostalgia of a military rank - but keeping it fresh over the years may be difficult. A simple number may have more long term utility. Maybe you just keep repeating the last level for an extra star (152 star General).

A separate Forge Rank would be awesome. Progress for hours on the tools - plus big bonuses each time someone plays a game using your map and/or game type script.

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And as for rewards. I don’t think they are going to throw away credits. But some sort of discount on your next in-shop purchase may be a bit more palatable to the bean counters.

Just copy/paste MCC’s progression system and nix the microtransactions, they aren’t needed, they never were.