What do you want for Halo 4?

What would you guys want in Halo 4?

I really don’t want AAs. Equipment is way better. Reach’s classed based system should still be used in certain game modes like Invasion.

Large maps with great vehicle combat that doesn’t make it impossible to move through the map.

More focus on objective games would be great. Something like a large base the enemies have that you gotta get through and steal their flag or plant a bomb. Basically more maps specifically crafted for objectives.

A lot of easter eggs and fun glitches. Don’t stop us from finding ways out of the map. ESPECIALLY don’t do what Reach did. Oh god, all the barriers. And don’t add all the barriers on top of roofs and hiding spots. Or at least make them able to be removed in Forge. Keep the barriers in Forge, those are great.

I had a MASSIVE thread on Bungie.net. It had some crazy ideas, but I think I had a lot of good ones.