What do you want DLC Sandtrap Elephants?

Do you want even mix of big medium small maps from the upcoming season pass

are they able to remake sandtrap with elephants

I would like to see Last Resort and/or Sandtrap.

other than that, I’m not sure because I don’t know what kind of maps are in the game.

I would like some small asymmetric arena map. Like a modern version of Lock out or guardian. That would be pretty sick. We have enough big team maps in my opinion.

I would LOVE a Sandtrap DlC map or even a successor.

Sandtrap would be most welcome, although I would settle for a new map which takes inspiration from Santrap. I just want a super open area that is vehicle friendly.

I would prefer more smaller maps because I love classic Slayer and Double Team, but I thought the mammoth was going to be the successor to the elephant in multiplayer, and i’m kind of dissapointed that its not.

The best thing about the elephant was it was a driveable base, and I had some memorable and unique CTF experiences with it. I was hoping the mammoth was going to be the new elephant on some large maps for BTB CTF.

I can see sandtrap being re made cos of the amount of people who want, I would LOVE to see it come back!!

I always said 1 map pack should be remakes and the map should be sandtrap(different design though)pitstop,guardian.