What do you wanna see in the next halo game?

Hey everyone I was just writing to see what you all are wanting in the next halo game(s).

I want to see these come back:

-Brute Shot
-Team Rockets
-Different climate maps

  • calibur

Thats all I can think of right now.

What about you all?


I would like to see some of the other species that were removed from Halo as that would be kind of interesting

New Engine with great graphics

LOL your wish list is a little small… Mine:

Elite armour customization
An xp system that litterally works opposite to reachs (i.e. rewards objectives, winning games and winning them faster.)
Ability to equip 3 armour effects at once .1 head, 1 body, 1 which shows on death (e.g inclement weather, eternal and birthday party).
AA’s -Yoink-
Equipment GTF IN
Forge terrain editor
Forge gravity modifier, you set an area like you would a kill zone, and the gravity changes when entered.
In forge, you can create automatic turrets you can assign to teams, this can be used to combat spawn trapping or it could be an objective to destroy one in invasion.
Warthog becomes awsome again.
On foot races where you can grab vehicles and weapons as you progress.
About 100 other things.

mauler needs to come back! As does the cov carbine. I also want the dmr and br have a match to see which is better. I also want boats and scarabs in multiplayer(even if the scarab stays still

Dual wielding, and if there are any changes to the gameplay like reach, a proper classic mode from retail so we don’t have to wait for a TU like right now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Drop pods for forge!