What do you think would be in halo infinites forge?

I wanna start this by saying, we can all agree Halo 5’s forge was the best by far, the insane and awesomely detailed creations people have created. Sadly a lot of it is restricted by budget. I have made some insane creations as well!!!

In all seriousness I think infinites forge can take it or a whole new level! Especially scripting, I swear once it comes out I’m gonna make a layers of fear type game!!!(first game, not layers of fear 2) That would be awesome, set up script volumes like that one point when you enter a hallway and the players zombie like wife walks across the hallway. Or the absolutely trippy visuals of the building shifting and stuff. That would be awesome!!! Especially to do that stuff with friends, everyone collectively screaming lmao. I loved playing the scary modes people made with friends, stuffs hilarious when you find a way to scare your friends :rofl:

All in all, I think infinites forge can be much better with a larger more Lenient budget, and better script power and better quality items.

So, I want to know, what are your wants and ideas on halo infinite forge

Btw, I’m using an iPhone so pardon the trash typing!

I also forgot to mention, the vfx and such would be really really cool! Making the surroundings dark and hard to see, making it supper eerie, along with sounds, wood creaking, blood curdling scratching on the walls, foot steps, environmental jump scares using scripting like ceiling panels randomly falling, paintings flying across the hall to the other wall, etcZ it would be awesome and super spooky!!!