What do you think we should get for $20?

What would your ideal bundle be, what does it contain to be worth $20 for you?

Thinking about what currently exists, or the different things Halo could possibly offer as a customisable option.

Store bundles should not exist, the battle pass should be the only means of acquiring gear, right now the store serves as a place to prey on people with Fomo and ridiculous prices with exclusive items that can never be earned during gameplay.

Also, for prospective, $20 to me is worth two entire map packs, all of the Reach map packs were worth around $10, so charging $20 for a helmet, the color white, and two shoulder pads is genuinely insane.


If you’re going to charge me $20 for a bundle of anything, it should be non-normal skins, charms, etc. Things like armor and all that go with them such as basic colors and patterns should not be locked behind a paywall. Now if it’s some kind of deal exclusive color coating, then that’s fine to put in a bundle.

Honestly I think I would be more okay with the shop bundles if items were just cross-core. I don’t personally care that much about how much money the shop items cost (I buy the items I like) but even I recognize that the prices are a bit steep for what you get.

I would say, keep the 2000 cR bundles but add in emblems and weapon coatings in those bundles, and most importantly make all the items cross-core compatible. I would be ok with that.

Edit: also none of the Fracture event items should be locked in the shop IMO. They are supposed to be “free” events, so all the items should be free, right?

If there HAS to be a store I’d be much more inclined to spend money if there was a large catalogue of items at a lower price.

So at the moment you get like what a choice of one armour bundle a week for a 2,000 credits?

If they had a store front with say 50 different items that didn’t disappear and reappear weekly and each one were something like 100 or 200 credits I’d probably buy loads of them, hell I’d probably buy the lot if there was some kind of multibuy promotion and in doing so I would ultimately spend more money than the on the current system and I’d actually feel better about doing it and I’d think more highly of 343.

Let’s be honest, a lot of the colour choices take seconds for 343 to develop, they sell for inflated prices because they are intentionally made rare “buy this weeks skin before it goes, you never know when it might come back” I hate that, it’s predatory, it’s sole reason for existing is to manipulate you into buying things you probably don’t even really want.

I don’t mind Microsoft and 343 making profit, I don’t mind them putting in some cosmetic microtransactions in exchange for the game being free (although I’ve still bought the campaign so…) but I don’t get why they have to be so greedy? At what point did businesses go from trying to make sufficient profit to needing to make all the profit? I don’t think that’s ethical and I don’t think it’s resulted in better experiences for customers, it just destroys goodwill.

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