What do you think of Xim Users?

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^ is an example of a Xim user

[Xim for those of you that dont know, basically allows you to use a mouse instead of joystick for aiming.]

my opinion on this is just that if somebody would throw ~ 200 dollars to make a rig thats going to beat me in Halo, I have no objection to that, but I would probably end up quitting the game if i end up with these guys in game types such as snipers. Since it’s pretty bs to try to match that level of precision with a joystick. If you actually take the time to watch most of their replays, these guys are terrible at strafing and have really nothing outstanding besides the fact that they will end up with around 8-10 very easy kills if given a sniper, Also, I’d like to point out the fact that in order to beat them at CQB and br/DMR battles, you will need very good strafing skills, but aim wise, you can relax knowing that they are usually about as good as your average 12 year old at strafing.

First of all, the precision problem really isn’t in the sticks as much as it’s in your thumbs. That said, I don’t think it’s completely fair to use a mouse in the current situation. It would be completely acceptable if Microsoft had official mouse support for all their games, and you could just take your own mouse, and plug it into the Xbox and be ready.

Why I consider this not completely acceptable is because it requires you to buy special third party equipment that 90% of the player base isn’t even aware of and that isn’t officially accepted and supported by Microsoft or any of the developers.

However, it should also be noted that using the mouse to play doesn’t offer the same level of responsiveness as it offers on a PC. The reticule movement is still restricted to the highest sensitivity of the game and aim acceleration and aim assist still apply that can make using a mouse quite uncomfortable.

P.S. I am moving this to General Discussion as the topic is less about Halo 4 and more about using a mouse on the Xbox.

As a PC gamer who is also an Xbox gamer, I have to say I don’t really see a problem with this. In fact, I’m curious and would actually like to try this system now (also, your price is a bit off. The console used for this is only $90, unless you’re factoring in mouse / keyboard price, or something I’m not seeing). Anyway, I think this is pretty cool but, again, it isn’t a huge advantage. I can see how you could easily outdo people playing with this system, so personally I don’t / wouldn’t mind it.

Edit: Also, I would assume these players are also using a keyboard alongside the mouse, as it would be impossible to play otherwise.

Edit #2: Forgot to mention that this is my first time seeing this, it has me genuinely intrigued now.

60 bucks wired controller (xbox 360 doesn’t come with wired)
90 bucks Xim Edge
40 bucks keyboard/mouse


so yeah it’s ~ 200

pretty expensive imo

I bought nice headphones which allow me to hear better, therefore play better.

Same concept, all is fair in love and war.