what do you think of this?

1). A gliding ability where you can put your hands to the side of your armour and use a thrust booster (used for customs or campaign)

2). 1st person driving, changeable threw settings

3). Kinect assassinations/ buy able assassinations

4). Drop into a spawn by drop pod/dropped off by pelican.

5). More customization to HUD like color or position of map health.

6). Start as a marine in fire fight, then once you gain enough credits become a more armoured marine, then odst, then Spartan. (Used with a credit system )

7). Not getting into forge much but oracle color change. (instead of just blue)

8). First person assassinations.

9). Chip able armour when you get shot.

10). Maybe a customizable face for your Spartan and have the option to take off your helmet if it gets cracked. (Only in some game-types)

Leave your thoughts?:wink:

A lot of these would be cool aesthetic options. If 343 have the time, sure, why not?

A good selection of ideas here.

I especially liked ideas 4, 6, 8 and 9. These would definitely improve the Campaign/Fire-fight experience.

I’m not sure what game-types you think number 10 could be put into? Any Campaign or Fire-fight variants would be fine, I’m just not sure how it would play out in MM. Also, if this were implemented, 343i would have to create a lot of facial models which take a lot of time, considering there haven’t been many facial models in previous Halo games aside from the Campaign.

I would definitely like to see more aesthetic-related upgrades available for your Spartan. Any improvement on Reach’s Armoury system would be appreciated by many. First and foremost an expansion of the array of upgrades available would be great.

Overall, good ideas. If 343i have the time to implement these I’m sure they’d definitely improve the game. I’m just not sure whether they should be putting their time into more game-defining matters.

Yea, I just wanted add 10 to make it 10 haha.

That drop pod request would be awesome for maybe Some invasion type deal…But could vary between the FFA and team slayer type games…

No to all except insertion from Pelican or Drop Pod and first person assassinations. Imagine like in Invasion, the game started and you got inserted from that Phantom that floats overhead. That would be awesome.

i love the idea of 2 in halo ce if you hop in the passenger side of the warthog you go first person and its fun as mess would love too first person gunner or driver.

the 1st person driver/gunner is amazing. in BF3 it really works and is crazy in the HUMVEE, you can also switch between 1st and 3rd person models via a simple button click. they should take out cross-hairs in 3rd person to make it more challenging and bring the skill gap back into halo.

Everyone of those has already been discussed…

I have talked about 7-9 a long time ago