What do you think of the spartan model/colors

Ok what do you guys think of the spartan model and colors for halo 4 personally i like the models there more like halo 3 where as in reach they where really clunky and bulgy in some cases. and i didnt like all the black on the spartans in halo reach. as for the colors there better than reach but not better than 3’s in halo 3 they where so bold and out there in reach they where darki and depressing in 4 its a mix there kind of faded but still good. tell me what you think

i don’t really care, its all about gameplay not cosmetics.

I really don’t like the new helmets in Halo 4, as to he colours as long as they have claret and sky blue I’m not fussed!

I like the colours that I have seen in the multiplayer gameplay. The Red and Blue seem darker which I like.

I think they’re going to change. They haven’t finished the game yet, and they said some things (presumably the medals and announcing) will change before the game is released.

I think the colours are oke, the only thing that is making me think is the character models. If i look at the male model i think from the side the waist is real thin, so i’m thinking is the female spartan model going to have a even smaller waist? Because it sure as hell bette not effect gameplay, as some people suggest.

And the new species, i thougth i heard something about a new second multiplayer species and elites being replaced, so i’m wondering how will they look and are they prometans?

I think they don’t look like the Spartans I grew up with. But I guess everything has to change sometime.