What do you think of the new bases?

I was playing the beta earlyer and I had realised that they had completely changed the base so what’s wrong with the original designs

thay probobly want to make something of thair own not just the style that was before.

Well it makes more sense for the Pelicans to come in and drop off the buildings, rather than them just appearing out of random holes in the ground.

Hmm…I like the new design but I liked HW1 design of the bases also I don’t really like the idea of heros liked it better when there was leaders arbiter, brute chieftain, prophet of regret. And unsc leaders was ok possibly it would have been better if in HW1 the leader you picked had a member of spartan red team. Captain cutter has that guy with the spartan laser ( forget the name) Sergent forge has that rocket launcher guy. Professor anders had alice only could remember that name

The new design is cool and more practical with animations explaining where everything comes from. But they just are really ugly in comparison to the HW1 bases. The windmills hardly cover the plot, the barracks while identifiable to compared to other ones, don’t look like barracks and I can’t tell if they are producing units from the outside.

You get the vibe.

I don’t mind the different design as the bases function the same as HW1. The problem is that it’s harder to distinguish the different buildings. Halo Wars 1 bases had a much cleaner look and the colors were easier to identify. The health bars for buildings should be more pronounced as well.