What do you think made the population drop?

If you go to steam tracker and check the population, at its peak Halo Infinite was 272,586. Its current population is 17,639. How did 254,947 players leave within the first 2 months?

I dont want to hear how to fix the problem, I want to know what the communities opinion is to why there was such a drastic drop in such a short time.


Lack of content the game is dead


The list is endless but with HONESTY and TRANSPARENCY everything else would have been forgiven.


Does steam also capture the Xbox App players?

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Pretty simple.

Gameplay is nothing new. It can be played in other halos aside from the new equipment.

No content. Forge and co op already exsist in other

Very few maps and they ones that are there are
Mostly bad.

The store is horrible.

The game stuff like desync and register shots.

No new modes or anything exclusive to Halo infinite that can’t be played elsewhere.

The cosmetics went way to far. It’s now akin to a child game. Aka Fortnite.

No ranked modes other than arena.


Lack of content and desync are the reasons why I stopped playing.


Its also Monday morning and most americans are at work so a better comparison would be peak hours on the weekend. Not that it would make much of a difference.

Reason include:

  1. bugs like desync, btb, etc
  2. no levels to progress and no armor to unlock
  3. no new maps or modes
  4. alot of people completed their battle pass
  5. Its Monday so everyone completed their weekly challenges by now

Because the game is a broken incomplete mess and 343i are prioritising taking our money rather than provide a good gaming experience. If they get the second bit right turn the first bit will follow…but they’ve already lost tens of thousands of players that will never come back and hand over their money.


Campaign is really sad compared to other open world offerings. Its like an alpha for a ubisoft title. Lack of co-op and level select greatly reduce replay ability. The encounter variety throughout the campaign is all very samey, I’m not even sure if level select would add much.

For multiplayer the honeymoon phase is likely over for people. Yes the core of this game is fun, but it lacks modes and its maps aren’t terribly exciting. Progression pretty much needs a ground up redo as the battle pass is boring, the events boring, and the store is just terrible. BTB is also broken since they patched the game for more playlists. The “its just a beta” excuse people told others and themselves in november is no longer and excuse.

With the game being free to play, while it creates the widest pool of potential player, it also creates the least drive to stick around. At least if you paid for the game you have the desire to get some fun out of it. With free to play if you’re not enjoying it might as well just dip.

I think ultimately the community is waiting for the game to actually be in a proper launch state.


Some of it is surely because of the problems that have been well-outlined in the forum previously, but I think a large chunk of it is probably just due to the fact that it was free to play, so a bunch of people probably downloaded it that normally wouldn’t have, tried it out and didn’t like it.


343 not learning from the mistakes they made on H5.


Server issues, lack of expected game types, and terrible customization system is what did it in for me. It really is a shame, I had high hopes for the 3rd time.


First drop was within the ‘beta’ launch week, and fell off about 30-40%, which was expected, happens to nearly all titles.

There was some gradual weekly degradation as a result of the poor performance/limited content/general discontent that had populations down to about 120k-150k by the week of official launch.

The playlist changes hit a week after, bringing BTB issues en masse, halving the population to about 60k-80k.

And since then given the holidays and thus the lack of fixes/content/configured discontent players degradation has caused what we see now.

Interestingly enough, there were boons consisting of several thousand players during each of the special events that occurred (Winter Contingency and Tenrai)

All of this purely dependent on Steam stats only which don’t tell a full story either.

The game’s in a really tight rough spot, but hardly dead.


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The name doesn’t fit, he doesn’t get the comedy in a post of mine. Writes me some PM about “do not make non-constructive posts”.

Like really. Is this a day care for :snowflake:’s or a forum to discuss your former favorite franchise? I can’t even tell if I am being bamboozled or memed.

98% of posts here are non-constructive and that has to do something with the game, the devs and communication.

And the whole “he said bad word, time to flag” and “3 bad words in 217 posts? Time to close this topic for 4 hours” leaves a real fishy and rancid taste in my mouth.


LMAOO. its 2022. mass formation psychosis is in full swing.

  • Lack of playlists
  • Lack of customization
  • Lack of co op
  • Lack of forge
  • Frustrations with game crashes
  • Frustrations with input filters not truly existing
  • Frustrations with MM servers getting insane high ping
  • Lack of static commendations for player investment
  • Lack of maps
  • Ranking system skewed heavily by many factors resulting in frustrating experiences by many players with too many to detail
  • Lack of a ease of use in game report tool for cheaters
  • Anti cheat seems to be under heavy scrutiny
  • High paid for items that players don’t believe make sense
  • change in the halo formula will always cause some some eventually leave.
  • Lack of better differentiating between ranked , social, and a hardcore mode should exist…right now it’s basically ranked as social, hardcore as ranked…and not a true social mode. Look at halo 3 for a good example
  • player feels completely useless as they write a big ol thing up like i just did…absolutely knowing 343 isn’t going to read this so wth am I even writing this for?

Theres probably more than what I’ve written, but there’s a lot of reasons.

Reasons to stay?

  • you love halo, it’s your main fps game, and your friends play it. The bread and butter core mechanics are in tact, and feel extremely fun and satisfying to play when you’re in matches that make sense, aren’t cross region, don’t have cheaters in them and are playing a good healthy match in your preferred playlist with friends…or alone if you hate other humans and just won’t ever bother to actually make a single friend during your entire halo experience.

I would say what really turns me off from this game can be generalized to two points: technical issues and a lack of content.

We have the server issues that make shot registration/ melee/ etc extremely inconsistent. Custom Games is more or less broken. Every few games I play it forgets my gametype settings and I have to reset them. LAN is broken if you want to play against bots- your shots do not register. Also when playing on LAN you can’t see the game type settings you change. If you change say the starting weapon it’ll take effect but in the UI nothing changed. I get really tired of putting up with these things.

Stack that on top of the few maps and modes that we have to play and a lack of forge. There just isn’t anything here to keep me going or interested in the game. I was getting bored with this game as early as the second flight. The official release basically just added a few extra maps. I haven’t played Infinite in a few weeks.


Missing Stuff

  • -No Forge

  • -No Matchmaking Composer

  • -No Custom Game Browser

  • -No CoOp Campaign

  • -No Server Selection

  • -No in-game report function

  • -No option to save theatre files

  • -No Crossplay disable Button

  • -No Progression System

  • -No commendations

  • -No gameplay based unlocks

  • -No Career Stats

  • -No Neutral Equipment

  • -No pre/post Game Lobby

  • -Missing Gamemodes: Firefight, Infection, Invasion, Assault, One Bomb, Territorries, King of the Hill, Vip, Shotty Snipers, Grifball, Race, Neutral Assault, Action Sack, Roaming King, Team Doubles

  • -The lack of a new “WOW” Gamemode. I really thought 343 would bring something new to the table. A new gamemode with way more players to spice things up a little. A gamemode like Operations from Battlefield 1 would’ve worked so well in Halo Infinite.

Broken stuff

  • -Broken Custom Games
  • -Broken Theatre
  • -Broken UI (yes, at this point I call it broken, because Halo 5 had the same issue - it takes ages to load everything and I’m on a freaking Series X)
  • -Broken Quick Resume
  • -Server / Desync Issues
  • -Broken BTB (It’s been a month now…)

Poorly executed stuff

  • -Maps: Unlike many other people, I don’t think that the amount of maps is the main issue. The main issue is that very few of them bring something new to the table. No dynamique map elements, no crazy stuff like elephants, mammoths & scarabs in Multiplayer.

  • -The UI (I don’t wanna be mean, but this is one of the worst UI’s I’ve ever seen.) This looks like early developement at best.

  • -Battlepass. A Battlepass is a subscription fee for one single game. A seasonal Battlepass has to offer way more value to keep me subscribed. I couldn’t care less about challenge swaps & XP Boosts, this stuff has to be removed and replaced with real items.

  • -PC Optimization: I’m a console Player, however, my friends are playing on PC and literally everyone has multiple crashes on every session.

  • -Vehicle combat: Lack of physics. Lack of unique utilitys like the chopper beeing able to ram & destroy other vehicles.

  • -Player collision: Just feels awful. I was open for the approach, but it simply doesn’t work.


When you get multiple no scope headshots, go on a running riot, and comeback from down 15 to win a slayer with a teammate missing, and the game ends and you get only +100 xp for “playing a ranked match” it’s just insulting.

Like, I don’t need a degree in comp sci, mathematics, project and business administration or whatever snobby degree and years of experience you think qualifies a fan to make this remark, but that’s BOLLOCKS, 343. I want to be rewarded. left. and. right. Do you copy?


You say “It’s peak was this” but then don’t compare it to its peak now? Are you purposely trying to be misleading?