What do you think is The coolest looking helmet?

Give your opinion.

I have to go with the Recon helmet. With certain chests and shoulders, it looks badass.

Im going haunted, cause skulls are bad -Yoink-!

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Recon and Haunted FTW.

God I wish the “haunted” could be applied to every helmet type, not just Pilot…

How sick would Haunted Recon be?!?! ZOMG.

> Give your opinion.

Mark V. Nothing else.

/\ /\ /\ /\ /\


Security w/ CBRN.

ODST closely followed by Mark V.

All attachments look ridiculous.

Rockin’ the MK V! I also like the HAZOP helmet!

A haunted recon helmet would have to be the coolest looking helmet in the history of the world.

recon, mk v and emiles helmet (the last attachment for it looks awesome!) and i personally dont think the haunted helmet looks that nice?!

Top five for me are…

  1. Mark VI
  2. Mark V-B
  4. Mark V
  5. Grenadier

LEAST favorites…

  1. Military Police
  2. CQB
  3. Hazop
  4. Operator
  5. JFO Shudders

i love the trolls who always wear the cqb and military police helmets :stuck_out_tongue:

EVA because it stands out the most.

either GUNGNIR or CQB

I like Gungnir, Security, and Recon myself, though I have to admit Haunted would be awesome if you could put it on any helmet

I have 3 favorites

Mark V
Mark VI
and Emile’s EVA

JFO. Almost nobody uses it. Feels kinda like Iron Man. One of the upgrades gives you a webcamera on top so you can make better theater clips.

My faves are the jfo, commando, air assualt, mark v (b), and security.

I’ve always loved the ODST and Mark V, however I’mma have to go with the classic Recon.

It just looks so badass!