What do you think is the best weapon?

Hello everyone! I want to know what you think is the best weapon in Halo?

My choice: The Carbine

The Warthog. Can you say Splatter-Spree!!! :smiley:

Depends on the situation. I find myself using pistols a lot in all 5 FPS games in the series, but I also really like rocket launchers, energy swords, needlers, and, well, everything. Everything has a purpose, and almost all of them are fun.

Spartan laser. It guarantees me at least 5 kills

> Spartan laser. It guarantees me at least 5 kills

You get some two-for-ones in Reach, eh?

Halo CE pistol.

Plasma Grenade. Maybe not the best weapon but it’s my weapon of choice, anyway!

If I’m going up against heavy vehicles, the plasma pistol is my weapon of choice, fighting at close range, the shotgun, at long range, the sniper.

I have always been pretty good with the Sniper Rifle so I’m going with that.

the Halo Array

Weapon of choice? Pistol!

On Reach, ask Elyk and KoD Carnage.

M6D and the BR.

Shotgun. Short, sweet, and to the point.

The Scarab Gun.

the pocket nuke (frag grenades)

Gravity Hammer.

> the pocket nuke (frag grenades)

Ha ha I liked that.

Dual-wield Maulers FTW

Mongoose. :wink:

But really, I prefer the sniper :smiley:

That’s a tough one Selphic, but I have to go with the DMR, best overall weapon for me, since it’s so good at close/medium and long range.