What do you think is a good army?

Gauss hogs?
Pt tanks?
Deacon grunt squads?

I vote for an army of tanks.

Depends on the situation… Do you read any of the replies you’ve gotten? Someone mentioned that you need to be more specific, try and do so.

Gauss is faster and does more dos on equal population than PT. PT has far more health and destroys gauss in a fight however. Basically tanks over gauss if canny+ but gauss can be researched quickly while still having numbers already on the field. Like everything else in this game it’s situational.

Deacon grunt squads wreck everything. They’re way OP.


Tanks are awesome in this game if used correctly.

However, it costs 500 to build them and a while to build up a respectable amount.

Gauss is great overall.

And for the sake of the great Shrek (may he live forever), be more specific.
Check yourself before you Shrek yourself, mate.

An army of Scorpions would win, but you gotta remember that it’s not all about which is stronger.

For example, Gauss is cheaper, it allows early game offense with Grenadier and it works against air, however Gauss < Decent Arby < PT.

Tanks are OP, beat everything when PT but take a long time to get there,