What do you think about the achievements?

I spent a lot of time in the past halo games to get achievements. In Infinite I had the mp achievements within a day (except of the bp one.). It looks like that they had no ideas. One was to Change training options (are you srs?) …

Is there a chance that we’ll get more which are harder to obtain?

Since everything will be thrown in as a challenge for the battle pass they probably went for some easier achievements. The battle passes gets them more money achievements dont.

I am extremely disappointed in the achievements. I am almost done with all of them as well and it only took about 2 days. I was talking about this beforehand and was hoping to get some achievements sort of like gears of war for at least 20,000 kills PVP Play a thousand games of PVP or stuff along those lines. But nope. I would have liked to see some better stat tracking as well. On the official game club the only stat on there is time played. That is pretty weak.

I really like how they have published the achievements, 600 points for the multiples with achievements that are accessible and with a minimum of challenge without being really crazy like Gears, and the rest of the achievements for the campaign that is really important.

They will be introducing more achievements as time goes by but for the moment I am happy.

I think the main reason why they were so easy was we could get majority of them in BOT slayer. This may have been an oversight, but MP achievements should be limited to PVP

I didn’t realise :sob: I did all mine in PvP.

Some were difficult, most were super easy. Factor in bot arena and they become free.

I don’t like luck based achievements but I don’t mind grind ones like 100 plasma pistol kills for example. I know with time and dedication anyone can get them.

Lol yup. they basically just handed me the achievements.

The only hard one for me was “Earned “Chain Reaction” with a Shock Rifle” and it’s not even that hard, just random

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Even the hidden ones?