What do you think about it?

The season is delayed, it’s almost a year without new content, what is 343 thinking?

People are very upset and even ask for refunds on Steam, there is a big scandal in the community and 343 remains silent.


The saddest part to me is there is obviously potential. Seeing the campaign and artstyle makes it obvious that 343 DOES know what we want. That someone working on the game DOES care. But for whatever reason, they shoot themselves in the foot over and over.

I’m on the fence about the new roadmap. I think the delay of “Season 3”is getting blown out of proportion. There will still be a season 2.5 battle pass, Forge, network co-op and 2 maps in November… The “Season 3” title is kind of irrelevant.

But… it’s still not much content for a game that’s been out for a year. At the very least they could make some variations (weather, time) of maps we already have. There’s no effort on simple things.

I saw the writing on the wall when co-op and forge were announced to be delayed.

I think the season 3 thing isn’t really the ‘main issue’ but sort of the symptom of it. Its that 343 promises things and doesn’t follow up. And its not even rediculus things they’re promising. This is more the culimination of 10 years of mismanagement. The season 3 delay is a sign that despite their claims of coming out of their cacoon, reving their engine, or whatever other metaphor they want to use, 343 will continue to be the disapointment it is.

How long does the fanbase have to put up with their incompetence?

I can see why things are the way that they are and where 343i is going.

What do you mean year without new content though? We got new content season 2 and will get more in “winter update” - but not season 3.

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Season 2 was unsatisfying, from my point of view I wouldn’t even count it as a season, they brought us ‘‘Last Spartan Standing’’ and a few weeks ago they removed it from the game list as hardly anyone was playing it, It’s like you invite your friends to your birthday party and none of them show up.
Last Spartan Standing was the scoop of the Lone Wolf season and it didn’t even stay the same season, a flop.

  • We didn’t have new weapons, the mangler was just readjusted and nothing else.
  • Just 2 maps for big team battles.
  • Better rewards for attending your Twitch streams than for playing the game.
  • Performance issues on PC.

Killings were expected to return this season, and when they released the season trailer on YouTube they put a scene where it looked like they were going to do a killing, but no, it was just a smack on the back, it felt like they were making fun of us.

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