What do you think about Crimson DLC?

Anyone who’s got the Crimson map pack, please review it for me and anyone elso who doesn’t have it yet. I’ll be getting it tonight.

Big -Yoink- maps.

2 huge maps, 1 med-big map. They feel a tad haphazard, but play well. I wish there was a small one in the pack, but that will come later. I enjoy them.

Haven’t played them yet, but you should get them asap. I believe they are still glitched if you get them through the game and not the marketplace. People are getting them for free. I don’t normally support getting content for free that isn’t suppose to be, but they’ve really messed this one up so I honestly don’t care. I have the season pass btw.


Like the poster above me, I kind of hoped we’d get smaller maps but overall I’m actually quite liking this map pack. The maps are bigger maps but the action seems focused. The sight lines are a lot better than some of the stock maps and overall objective game types like CTF and Extraction are quite fun on the new maps. Haven’t played Slayer yet.

Awful, sorry to say to 343 and BS angel (because shes awesome), but if I wanted to play Battlefield I would, I’m not saying a map pack shouldn’t come with a big map but the game actually shipped with a massive lack of smaller maps and too many big maps. Then the first map pack is all huge maps !

Alas the damage is already done and any older halo 2 or 3 players are probably bored of playing haven and complex over and over again. I will stick with it but I think 343 need to realize what Halo is. Its not COD and its not BF.

> Big -Yoink!- maps.

Yeah, these “4v4 ready” maps aren’t all that 4v4 ready. Maybe if they were forged so much of the larger parts of the map were closed off, then it would be ready for 4v4 action. But these maps, as big as they are, are not 4v4 maps. They look 6v6 to BTB maps, to me.

bored and meh… customs till tu for me

I think the BTB population will love them. Everyone else will hate them. Of the little I’ve played I’m not overly impressed, but I’m not a BTB kinda guy so I’m always gunna be biased.

A lot of the maps feel as if they will just become a DMR/Vehicle spree clusterlove, and that’s a shame. I also think the extra specialization perks will be much more effective on these maps which may or may not be interesting.

I’d love to comment on the DLC however I seem to have a duff Map Pass that won’t let me play on them!

I’m so disappointed and annoyed.

In my opinion, Shatter is much better than most of the big team maps, Harvest is good fun and Wreckage is just ‘meh’.

The maps themselves aren’t bad, but it’s hands down the most glitchy map launch in Halo history. I received three achievements in my first two games, and now they have disappeared and I can’t unlock them again. Not to mention the free download glitch–after I had already paid for them–and the extreme amount of lag.

Bottom line: good maps, horrible implementation.