What do you say we have some fun?

Hola amigos. You may know me I’m on here alot. Well do to my dashingly good looks and capability as a leader. I was asked to command the 17th Halo Division. HAVE NO FEAR. I’m still a merc don’t worry about that. But I wanna go at a different approach at this. Everyone goes at the UNSC or INNIE based clan. What about a free lancer clan huh? How come no one shows love for the neighborhood friendly mercs. Well I’m gonna start showing love. If you want to be with me and earn some stuff like favors and money codes and such. Join me. YES you’ll have to prove yourself. You’ll be put into a free lancer marine division yes. But if you prove yourself and get other people into the clan. You can free lance for yourself and us. Take note, this entire clan is a 700 person clan. But this is the first halo cell. So don’t let me down. If you wish to know more, message me. SWITCH out.