What do you prefer?

Hi. I just got into commentating and making montages and I have a question for you guys. Last time I did a commentary, I got some hate because my video can only go into 480p. But that is my capture card. My friend recorded a file for me and sent it to me and that can go into 1080p. Now I do not want to bug him too much with saying that I would like him to record a clip. So every once in a while.

Or with my capture card, I can do it myself and I can make more commentaries.

So my question is, would you rather see more commentaries, but have them be in 480p or would you rather have less and have them in 1080p?

This will help a lot for me deciding what I should do. Thanks.

has very little to do with HALO…
but anyway

i personally don’t care as long as I can SEE whats going on in the video

if i can see it, I like it

Everyone and their mother does commentaries now. Stick with the better quality.

Quality over quantity,thats how you make a name for yourself,goodluck =)

quality. Theres a million vids on youtube I don’t waste my time anymore unless its good