What do you like about Halo 5?

So, hate threads are getting a bit boring aren’t they? I wanted to know what most people think 343 did good with, not how to improve it, what was done right. In my opinion it feels just like the classics but with a lower time to kill and Spartan Abilities. I think Spartan Abilities were a great addition, along with Warzone, which is fun to play.

I like Arena and Warzone. Better?

Spartan abilities are fun. Overall gameplay is awesome.

I love Warzone and in my opinion it is the best playlist that has ever been added to Halo. That’s just the tip of the iceberg too. I love the game altogether and only have minor gripes here and there.

The basic gameplay is fairly solid. Some tweaks and re-balancing may be necessary, but at its core, it’s good stuff.

Warzone is a home run. Forge, or what I’ve seen of it so far, will be another home run. These two features alone justify twice the cost that I paid for the game and will easily keep me playing and happy until Halo 6.

I like how you can increase strafe acceleration in customs

I like the pistol. it is nice to have it be a competitive weapon again. in most halos after CE it was something that was almost worthless, especially in halo 3. it feels good to get kills with the pistol consistently again. please don’t nerf the pistol

I’m glad to see I’m not the only one enjoying the game, it really is done quite well.

I love the game! I feel like all the changes were necessary. It may need a few minor tweaks as we go, but over all I think the game is solid!

Spartan Abilities and Smart Link

Loving H5. Good core. Just need to update pre-post game lobby and some other minor tweaks. MORE MAPS!!!