What do you have your sensitivity at?

I play call of duty on a high sensitivity, around 6, which is like an 8 or 9 on Halo. For some reason, I like sensitivity 7 on Halo, it works well. What about you?

I used 4 in Halo 3 and 5 in Halo Reach.

I use 4 sensitivity.

<4 <343

> I use 4 sensitivity.
> <4 <343

Seems a tad bit too low


2 or 1

10 for both Halo & Call of Duty; I like having the speed to react to someone who flanks me from the side or from behind. Sniping’s a pain, though.

Mine’s at 7. It’s the best compromise for me between accuracy when aiming and turning quickly enough in CQC. Although sometimes I wish it was higher to turn even quicker, but then my aim suffers too much.

Good Old Default (3)

8-10 depending on what playlist I am in.

Default, except when playing Grifball then 10. I am trying to work up to a little higher though. Sometimes I just feel like my ability to turn around quickly is hindered.


I just use default :3

I play at 6 or 7 in SWAT and slayer depending on how i’m doing that day. As for Snipes I usualy play3-4, again depending on how i’m playing.

3 in Halo 3 and 3 or 4 in Reach.

10 since Halo 2

Always have it at 9.

10 since halo 1

its still too slow

10! It’s still a bit slow.

10 in CE
7 in H2
5 in H3
5 in Reach