what do YOU guys want to see in halo infinite?

so, im back with another forum for halo infinite. this time, we are gonna talk about what i want and you guys want in halo infinite. but first, i would like to say what i want in halo infinite.

1: more halo armor
so, i would like to see all the other helmets return like mark v, achillies, noble and recon but i feel like we could get more unique orginal helmets but i dont want alternate variant armors like halo 5 did. i think we should get no variants for the armor in the game. but i do think we should have halo reach customiazion.

  1. a great campain
    i dont want a campain like halo 5 because it was less than stellar.but i do have a felling that the campain will be great

welp thats basically what i want (its small because i dont have anything else to put) what DO YOU GUYS WANT? let me know

Hey OP, appreciate the time you put into this but there are already a multitude of active wish list threads available. Rather than everyone creating a separate topic for their own wants and wishes, best to try and keep that number down. Feel free to add your thoughts to any of the existing threads, thanks :slight_smile: