What do you expect too see at SDCC?

RTX is done and SDCC is almost here! Bsangel said they would be showing something new at SDCC and at first I thought that forge would be shown off. However, forge was shown at RTX as most of you know so what else can they reveal.
A few things I thought of:

Different forge environment(s)

New Multiplayer Maps

Gameplay of Spartan Ops (We’ve only seen pics)

I recall it being campaign related for the 14th

Wait, weve seen gameplay for spartan ops

I expect to see nothing, however I do want to see some of that there spartan ops I’ve been hearing so much about.

I think 343 said in an update that they would show some of the forward unto dawn live action series and some new campaign.

An enhanced Theater?

Since they are showing the Forward Unto Dawn trailer, I would expect the campaign to be shown ill feature the first level of john going through the remains of FUD. Nice tie in to the movie.

Plus, I want to see Chief kick that Elite down the elevator shaft.

I think 343i said spartan ops would be shown at this event.

Mostly Spartan Ops and Forward Unto Dawn related stuff.

Spartan Ops. Because that is what we know we’re going to see so far.