What do you ENJOY in Halo4 mostly

I would say that my favorite would have to be the music. The main menu theme is my favorite of them all :slight_smile:

is this a joke?

Haha this made my day!

> is this a joke?

> is this a joke?

not at all… I keep seeing the threads that are demonizing this game, so I want to see what people enjoy in the game… oh I also forgot to ad… inb4 “Nothing”

I like my Spartan! I wasn’t too crazy about the helmets in this game, but Warrior has grown on me.
<mark>I love the SAW!</mark>

I like Spartan Ops, Forge, and Campaign.

> I like Spartan Ops, Forge, and Campaign.

I liked the campaign aswell… i felt it was a good closing

> I would say that my favorite would have to be the music. The main menu theme is my favorite of them all :slight_smile:

I actually like the title music better once the lady stops the moaning noises. Overall, I am not impressed with the music in this game like everyone else seems to be, its missing the classic Halo sound and their’s no reason they can’t incorporate that into their own style of music. I NEED THE MONKS!

The only thing I truly enjoy in Halo 4 are the graphics, other than that I have issues with most things in this game. Also, magnets in Forge are nice.

All the threads demonizing Halo 4 are for its own good. As for the thing I most enjoy, graphics, lol. Those graphics on Ragnarok, jesus.

MLG. That is about it. Matchmaking feels too much like Reach.

Ah finally some positivity in the forums :). The most enjoyable part for me is split so I’ll just list the ones on the same tier. The music was definitely fantastic and the story arc of the campaign was brilliant.

Lastly and I guess also to be a sore thumb in the trend of the forums (only to have my post swarmed by haters xD). I actually enjoy the multiplier greatly especially what has been done with personal ordnance and the fresh direction of oddball.

I have been playing Halo multiplayer since I was shown CE by my cousin around 2002 and I find Halo 4’s multiplayer to be quite unique and I just can’t wait for the competitive skill ranks to come around January time (as I’m sure most of us will be looking forward to).

Also as a side note I’m loving the direction the Halo story is going. I really can’t wait for Halo 5’s campaign.

Oh and don’t pay attention to forum trolls that just ignore the title of subject. The best thing to do is just ignore them and not reply (God forbid another flame war on the waypoint forums).

I enjoy everything about it. The environment, the weapons, the lighting, nature sounds, gun sounds, glitches (I love a game with minor glitches such as walking through a wall), the vehicles, and last thing, spartans.

Halo 4 theme song?

Listen to this

I prefer that one…

> Halo 4 theme song?
> Listen to this
> I prefer that one…

yes that is my favorite as well… but im saying out of halo 4

Graphcis are about it, one exception is ragnarok that filter is way way to much on the map. The core aspects of halo 4 are great but the fluff that has been added to it stop me from saying that as being one thing i enjoy.

I enjoy the majority of the game.

As always, there could be some tweaks, but I’m having a blast regardless.

My favorite part about Halo 4 is that the automatics are no longer pea-shooters. In fact, compared to the other Halo games Halo 4 has the most balanced arsenal (and the biggest) yet!

The mechanics are good. The game feels too casual to me, though.

Ehh… the graphics. That’s it. Halo 4 really sucks right now.