What do you consider a "good" K/D

Any K/D higher than mine

I think any K/D which reflects an average positive per game is good. I never complain about people on my team who can manage a positive K/D it’s the people that are -23 at the end of a game I went +18 in that drive me crazy. How am I supposed to keep up with that kind of horribleness.

This is such a selfish thread -_- I feel that if you have more a 1.0 than your fine have but if you lower than that then it means your are still learning the game.

I consider an average K/D ratio in Reach to be 1.7. As for K/D spreads, there’s no reason people should be getting under +10 most games.

> I consider an average K/D ratio in Reach to be 1.7. As for K/D spreads, there’s no reason people should be getting under +10 most games.

Lol @ this entire idea.

A ‘good’ K/D… I don’t know, 1.3 is decent, 1.5 is ‘good’. That means you kill 3 times while dying 2, extrapolate that however you want (so it would map out to 15 and 10 or something, which I would gladly take as a teammate).

> Any K/D higher than mine

honestly it completely depends.

are you a team player who is constantly the ‘ball -Yoink-’, ‘hill -Yoink-’ or ‘flag -Yoink-’? if so, you’ll probably have a lower KD than other people who play the role of main slayer.

anything over 1.0 is fine. as long as you can go even or positive, you will be helping your team. like darkomantis said, if you cant hit 1.0 you are probably still learning the game (which basically means you havent learned how to press the left trigger enough).

id say 1.0 is average, 1.5 is good, and 2.0 is amazing, 2.5 is incredible. but, for these, it also assumes you play nothing but SLAYER. if you are playing objective and actually going for the objective you will obviously die more, and your KD will suffer as a result.

> Any K/D higher than mine

It’s funny that pretty much the only kind of games you get a pretty good K/D are in Objective-based matches. That just tells me that you farm your kills instead of playing the match correctly.

+1 and higher. :slight_smile:

Generally, if you’re on my team and you go positive, I can’t complain. But I’m just talking about Slayer there. K/D can be less important in objective games.

I’d only look at K/D as a correlation to skill if I know that people are getting matched up with similarly-skilled players, but… I have yet to see that. My K/D was above 3.0 at one point because I’d get matched up with complete noobs like every game, lol.

.10 K/D is pretty awsome in my book.

Well if your playing against me I’d expect anyone to 0.8-1.0 hehe. But really anywhere between 1.25-1.30 is a good K/D

Ok, everyone who has posted more than likely has a higher K/D ratio. Alright, I’ll admit it .77; and actually at one point I had a .86 so as you can see it has gone down some.

I just recently hit the over 1,000 games played. In the beginning, which has only been a little over three months, all I played was Rumble Pit, and only recently started to branch out to more team playing. I am deliberately putting myself against better players (i.e. I am lucky enough to have some more experienced players show me the ropes, and let me try to shoot them in Custom games).

I am not just running around trying to get the sword or the rockets, and camping waiting for someone to come around the corner. I am purposefully sticking to the DMR, because I know in the long run this will help with my accuracy. I am going to youtube to learn the callouts for the different maps. I am taking the time to learn maps, and trying to actually crouchjump to the ever coveted ledges that one can only get to by doing so.

I am saying all of this not as an excuse, but to possibly help some of you vets realize that there are some of us out there who are desperately trying to get better. And that some players are not merely definded by the ever sought after, well for me anyway, 1.0 K/D.

I’ll see you all on the rooms and hopefully one day give you a spartan to contend with and/or a teammate relish in.

I’d say it will depend a lot on the playlist you play in wouldn’t it? I was like 1.20 in Halo 3, but 1.85 in Halo Reach. All I play is BTB or invasion, mainly BTB because I enjoy the big maps, except Spire, which sucks and I enjoy the BTB gameplay. I always play on my own, I never go in with a team so I imagine if I was a part of a team It would be higher as well.

However if I was playing smaller maps with 4 on 4 I’m sure my K/D would be lower

K/D means nothing. As previously stated K/D can be lowered depending on what you play. I use to have a K/D of 1.90 then Grifball came along and i can’t get it past 1.78

Simple, a good K/D is a positive K/D.