What Do You All Want in Halo Infinite

What do you all want in Halo Infinites campaign oh and before anyone says it the grapple hook should stay it does not need to be removed in fact I think it’s the best thing they ever added to Halo I wish I had it in all the other Halo games and the Energy Shield strength stinks even when fully upgraded even in the easiest difficulty so that needs a boost the Drop Wall needs a boost in strength as well and I feel like the cloak on the thrusters should be slightly improved also I say you should be able to stay cloaked for about 8 seconds plus they need to add new upgrade as they release new DLC same goes for skulls

I’d like for the open world to feel more dynamic, alive? You got your FoBs, marine rescues, and Banished outpost, all fine and dandy, but after that? In between all of that? Nothing. Banished patrols and that’s it. They don’t stumble upon FoBs, the marines never do anything like ambush patrols…

I’d like for more to be happening in the world that isn’t Mister 117 doing EVERYTHING. Just small events to breathe life into the world they have.

And maybe some new weather or biomes…sunny green trees spackled with marshes and space debris is only enthralling for so long despite how good it may look.

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I don’t really like anything about Halo Infinite’s campaign. I didn’t appreciate having to hike across Canada, mashing the Grapple button at the ground, because vehicles can’t Skyrim horse over even the tiniest of rocks. All future DLC will have me flying the Wasp everywhere, and grappling everywhere the Wasp can’t go. It’s not a good time, it’s not a good Campaign. Honestly, I don’t think there’s a good way to fix it, other than giving you more stuff to do in the open world, and making other vehicles viable on rough terrain without flipping or getting stuck. Even then, I already have the Wasp unlocked, so why would I use anything else? I can kill every boss from the sky. It makes even Legendary too easy.

  • new areas of the rings primarially… like what we currently have i can’t tell you the diffrence of one end of the map to the other, so bland. same with weather effects and land that is actually vehicle friendly
  • more objectives… the side quests infinite has is fine and all but they feel lacking
  • skulls… nuf said
  • expanding on the story presented in the main campaign. like UNSC reinforcements or swords of sanghilioes coming over from an distress call or somethin’. same with blue team and osiris, flesh them out
  • expand on the vehicle and weapon sandbox in FOBs

I like Legendary in this game I was actually able to bet it and not feel like I was going to have an aneurysm in the process

If 343 isn’t going to add Spartans or semi-important “named Marines” in any sort of missions then I think they need to make the regular Marines have more impact on gameplay and be a little more meaningful to the storyline.

Instead of rescued Marines being solely found at FOBs or at the UNSC Mortal Reverie wreckage(Outpost Tremonius). Marines should be able to be called upon… Maybe a Razorback/Warthog/Mongoose with Marines shows up with Power Weapons to where ever Master Chief calls them in. Or even a Wasp pilot or two that come and provide air-support momentarily or even if they drop a single Gun Pod for a quick resupply. These “Call Ins” or “Emergency Drops” could have a cool down timer and maybe you get a certain amount depending on how many FOBs are liberated in the area and unlock different ones depending on your Valor level.

We should be seeing more combat between the UNSC and the Banished, clearly the UNSC isn’t completely wiped out like the Banished has claimed. There is tons of these cloned marines running around Zeta doing nothing important or they are tied up. They should be skirmishing with the enemy in areas where FOBs or Outposts are liberated. If a player has liberated all the FOBs around a Banished Outpost, that player should get Marines showing up in Warthogs or something assisting in taking the Outpost over.

There needs to be a bigger variety of landscape. It was incredibly boring after seeing the same exact trees over and over again with the same rocks and grass surrounding them. I expected more caverns or ravine like areas that might allow swamps or bog like areas to come to life. Instead it was all mountains and plateaus, with a very heavy emphasis on the Forerunner pillars. I understand the ring was just blown up but my god, 343 really tried hard to make the landscape feel and look as boring as possible.

Other than that, I really want a more coherent story line that doesn’t feel super rushed.

Weather. Specifically, snow.

I am just waiting for 343i to get off their butts and fix the Custom Games Area and we need a Custom Games Browser! so we can play our custom game modes ( variants ) Thats not too much to ask for is it? :grinning:

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I’d like to see an end-game system that gives you more to do. While I enjoy wandering the map and looking for fights, it’d be nice if there were like random popup fights or objectives or something along those lines. I’d also like to see the ability to call in the Banished vehicles. To my knowledge, there’s only a couple of Wraith fights in the course of the game, and once you’re at end game, there’s no Wraiths anymore. Dynamic HVTs or Marines getting ambushed would be fun.

For DLC, I’d like to see a new section of the ring. Perhaps lifting some of the elements from the Forerunner Triology’s depiction of Zeta Halo. Forerunner transport stations, inland seas, the Flood, wildlife, desert, snow, etc.

For mechanics changes - I’d like to see a campaign where you’re playing as a Spartan or ODST without all the abilities/equipment. I am fine with keeping Chief’s story/stories with the grappleshot and all of this, but it would be nice to get some stories/adventures sprinkled in that change the pace up a bit.

When you look at all the encounters in Infinite’s campaign. The player to AI ratio is so small.

There were bigger battles in CE than in Infinite.
The battles in Infinite have vast spaces between them and usually boil down to the same things. Yes I get this is due to it being an open world. But the fight density of all the encounters in Infinite just seem small scale, compared to what we had in reach or earlier halo’s.

It seems smaller even though its the biggest map yet.

You know something I was thinking was that a lot of the FOBs look for the most part the same I think some FOBs should look different for example have some FOBs opened have some that are enclosed and have some that are in caves

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What I want and what the game needs is forged and a full custom games browser with challenges that make sense and a rewarding progression system with more worthwhile customization


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Going off your title?

An actual complete game, but 343 is not the company that is capable of doing that.

Dynamic Firefight using the open world. So much potential. Especially if we are using our MP Spartans for it. Especially if it has some minor lore tie ins.


I would like forge world from halo reach to return