What Do We The Players Want?

Everyone can probably agree halo 5 is a beautiful piece or art but could still use some improvement and knowing that 343 looks everywhere for feedback I’v decided to make this thread for people to comment on what they think needs to be added, changed, or removed.

(my personal list)

-Walking animations feel to underdeveloped in 1st person

  • AR with bayonet is i believe to be to high up the charts compared to
    power weapons and should be brought down to a req level of 5-6
    -spartan hub could look nicer rather than having the background be one color
    (nit picking)
    -Make DMR’s not so rare in req system (I’m level 37 and haven’t gotten one yet)
    -Make vehicle collisions with players do less damage when not going at full speed
    or using a boost

-Different Magnum loadouts! (preferably a scope)
-New weapons never seen to the halo world? (possible DLC)

Lets make halo the game we want it to be!

New UI and new game MODES and game TYPES (two different things) as well as daily/weekly challenges. Other than that I love the game.

More constructive posts from people within the forums.
(Not pointing you out)

-new ui
-proper fileshare
-more maps