What do we do at this point?

The title states it. What does 343i need to do at this point to make them the #1 Fps on the market?
I will leave it simple. What do you guys think?

What horrible blue text you have there.

343 isn’t a “FPS”.

If you are asking “what do they have to do to make their FPS, Halo 4, #1 on the market”, then the answer is simple.

Fix the real mandatory issues and talk to their community.

Bungie did it, Valve does it. Look at those two companies and you can see that they make the best games and have the best customer feedback from anyone else. It’s not hard to do and it’s common sense, which seems to be more like a super power nowadays.

Make sure you keep your fan base happy…

make a new game because halo 4 is just bad