what do u prefer the DMR or BR



Apparently I like the DMR.


Light Rifle.

I like having the best of both worlds, they both have their uses, so I have no preference.

I like the DMR more than the BR, but I like the LightRifle more than the DMR.


I don’t know I haven’t played it yet, I will tell you once I have played it.


From what I’ve played of Halo 3 BR for 3 years and Reach DMR for 2 I can say that I will prefer the DMR to the BR. I have a soft spot for single shot weapons, not burst rounded weapons. That doesn’t mean I won’t use the BR in a pinch, it just means you’re more apt to see me with my DMR or LR than the BR.

Dmr light rifle carbine its not tht i hate the br i like the range the dmr has ill still use the br if i pick it up but i wont have it in my loadout

I love the BR, but sadly it looks like it will end up inferior to the DMR because of it’s 4SK being ripped away. :frowning:

I would pick the carbine over both anyday.

DMR, plus it seems at MLG Dallas last night no one was using the BR.
(I’m not basing my opinion off theirs)


Semi auto FTW

BR for life!

Battle rifle

(But the Light Rifle is my favourite)

BR : )


I tend to see alot of posts saying DMR, but I see a good balance in the current MLG matches. Im really excited to use the light rifle personally

I lean towards the BR