What do people like about halo wars?

I need this work for a topic in school and I don’t mean it in an offensive way. I would just like to know why people play halo wars.

Well I have several reasons why i like it. Also its pretty cool that this is your school project here are some:

>The sense of winning when you win a game in halo wars it has such a good feeling when compared to every other game COD or Battlefield they just don’t have the same feeling

>Team work

>Planing your attacks and strategist

>Massive battles

>The look and feel of the game

>Good controls

>trying to complete on the monthly lead-boards increasing your true skill

Hmmmm…well, I like the graphics of the game. I like the ability of being able to control these units that I’ve always loved playing with or as in the original Halo series like spartans, warthogs, tanks etc. I like the idea of having massive battles; MAC blasts flying everywhere, arbiter raging out, cobras firing long distance shots etc.

>The many solutions to engage the enemy in the battlefield

>Halo as a strategy game!!! (go figure)

>Colorful world

>Plot feels like a Halo game but with its own twist

>Repetitive gameplay (IMO)

>Smooth controls and gameplay

>challenging A.I. sometimes