What difficulty are you playing Halo CEA Campaign on?

I’ll probably run the campaign through Legendary first, I enjoy a challenge. =)

Absolutely Legendary. Anyone with any self respect will do the same.

Legendary and man am I getting my -Yoink- kicked. LOL!

Good luck…

I’m on Heroic. Up to the end of ‘Two Betrayals’ at the moment… Finding it quite hard…

As per tradition with my brother, we shall pair up and take on the CE Campaign on Heroic. Then comes the beast that is Legendary. Still pales in comparison to Halo 2’s Mythi, i mean Legendary.

It’s been like this for every new Halo game. Usually run through Heroic on every game prior to a new Halo release as well.

Legendary Solo! :smiley:

I am playing legendary with a friend. We used to play it all the time on legendary because anything else is too easy :smiley:

I can’t start until I get home from work but I’ll be going straight to legendary. I haven’t bothered with heroic since Halo 3.

I would do Legendary, but I kinda want to ease the process my first time playing through, so I’m going through it on Heroic.

If I had Anniversary, I’d be doing Two Betrayals Legendary. But since I don’t, Halo PC, Silent Cartographer on Heroic with 3-4 reproduced skull effects.

Solo legendary. Having a blast so far!!