What difficulty are you going to start on?

And are you going to play 4 player coop on your first play through?

I’m going to play on Heroic first and by myself.

Then for my second play through I’ll play on Legendary to find all the little secrets that I didn’t find and consider playing with friends.

I played Reach for the first time with my friends -cause they kinda dragged me into it- halfway through it and i’d have to say it ruined the whole experience for me. I understand there’s the people that will play coop on Legendary and run through it and get the entire campaign out of the way and hit up MP.

Personally MP is the last thing on my mind, I want to take as much time as possible in the campaign and experience all of it for myself.

So if your getting dragged in like I was, and you respect the story, I would most defiantly reconsider.


Legendary(Solo) Then Spartan Ops Then MP

The easiest difficulty - Matchmaking.

Legendary solo. I want my Lone Wolf Legend achievement. Then I’ll do a spartan ops mission solo on legendary. Crimson Alone will be mine.
I’ll play MM once I’ve found all the terminals.


Heroic on my own, and then legendary with some friends.

Probably Heroic.

Why do you guys jump straight to legendary? Don’t you want to enjoy campaign first?

Heroic ftw!