What differences will there be?

Seeing as how Infinite will be on Xbox One and Xbox Series X, what will the differences be besides sound and video quality? Will the Series X version have more content? Will the limited edition games/consoles apply only to the new hardware?

I imagine the UI on the xbox series will be different so based on any extra features it has that could make the experience a bit different pending on what it gives.

really hard to say for many i bet without stating the obvious where they will trim down the particle effects and stuff other than that I’ll be waiting for more information to drop.

We don’t know yet.

It’s entirely dependent on how 343 is developing the game.

Are they developing around the Series X/PC versions of the game and then scaling back for the less powerful Xbox One?
Or are they developing primarily for the Xbox One and then just using the additional horsepower of the PC/Series X to make it prettier?

I’m not a developer but I’d image the later is easier to do. However, Halo Infinite is the flagship launch title for the Series X and it needs to “wow” people in order to incentivize them to actually buy the new console. I don’t think a prettier version of a current gen game is going to accomplish that, especially with the Playstation 5 launching simultaneously with next-gen exclusive games.