What did you think of the customization system?

In my opinion, armors is fine, I’m not complaining, but the system they chose is… AWFUL!

How could you possibly have to have a different spartan for the pass pieces? Limits personalization too much, what was it difficult for them to do it as usual? All the pieces in the same spartan.

I hope that 343 changes this system.


I paid $10 for white and red and can’t customize armor without losing the color now. I spent $10 more just so I can spend countless hours trying to obtain the cosmetics that I paid for. Armor cores are dumb too, they are just another way to take customization away from us. I should just spend the $100+ bucks on level boosts and pay for max level so I can finally get the cosmetics that I paid for.

Are these digital items really worth this much money anyway? I could have bought a new game with the $20. That’s a third of the price of the campaign, which offers way more content. I remember when I could have gotten new maps for $20. Nope, I paid for white with red plus a time waster.

In my opinion, there are way better ways to make a customization system that has included microtransactions. The better the system, the more money will be made from it. Paywalls should never annoy the player. Paying money just so you can pay money is an abysmal system. Customization was never designed to be satisfying. It’s that way so you’ll keep spending money.

It’s like Halo customization and ransomware had a baby.


I think the customization system should have been a lot better. Parts shouldn’t be locked to specific cores, and coatings should be universal. If they want to copy Destiny’s shader system, at least do it right.


A lot of my hype was killed as soon as I started up the game. Pray to God you got $10 or you’re going to be staring at a basic Spartan unless you buy the battle pass. Even then if you’re playing with your friends your basically unlocking everything at the same time so everybody is wearing the exact same thing. When you load up past Halo games you was able to customize at least something to make it feel like your own until you unlock the other stuff.

Yeah the battle pass has reach armor good for them but I feel like it’s a lazy cop out because season 2 is going to be Halo 3 armor.

They could have easily added 10 pieces from reach 10 pieces from Halo 3 and you had to do a little challenges to unlock shoulder pads like completing the tutorial. Since basically they’re going to hand out achievements it’s like it’s candy by just watching a film clip. Not to mention season 1 battle pass is going to last until May of 2022.

I have no idea why 343 is so freaking scared of let us have any kind of real control of customisation. I don’t know if it’s laziness because they don’t want to do a reach style system or at least a Halo 3 system. I mean you look at four and five they literally gave you pre-made armor and you couldn’t really customized anyting. Infinet is a step in the right direction but it’s 2021. We should be able to customize our Hud visor in game by now.

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Armor cores are bad.
Color choices are very small and none of the current ones interest me.
Can’t make my spartan look like they had in the last 14 years.
A lot of the chest pieces are just gray.
Almost nothing for the legs or anything else.
Over all very limiting.

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I had better emblem customization with the launch of Halo 2. It’s horrible.

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I completely agree with all of this. I completely skipped halo 5 multi because of customization and loot boxes. I’d like to play another halo besides the classics. I really want Halo Infinite to work out for me and I worry about where it’s going with all this. I honestly regret the $20 I’ve spent so far. I could have bought a halo 2 map pack with that or 1/3 of the campaign for Infinite.

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Looking at it, I don’t mind it since they’re trying to keep certain styles from colliding and standing out from each other. However, I do think it was a mistake on 343i’s part in not allowing all armor, visors, and coatings to be placed onto one single core.

I think that if they go to change it, armor kits should be part of the cores, allowing you to change certain designs with armor you unlock. Make the collection of cores we have right now be more like armor presets we can put out favorite armor sets on without having to scroll through armor endlessly.

This game looks great art-style wise tho

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