What did you say when u saw the halo teaser

I didnt even know it was halo at first until i saw cortana’s chip in chiefs hand.

I was jumping out of my chair screaming hell yeah !

P.s halo is my type of game so whenever i see something halo related i get a nerdgasm lol.

No one got excited ?

I thought it was destiny until I saw his visor.


More or less.

> This kinda looks like Destiny… No point watching, not really interested in Destiny until I hear more about it.
> Looks away for a few moments
> Looks back
> What? That looks like a forerunner structure of some sort, wow, Bungies art design is similar to 343i’s.
> Wait, what? That’s the Chief… FFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!

I should have paid more attention really, I didn’t get to see everything so I made assumptions. But I’ve seen it in full now, can’t say that I’m too happy.

“Oh, looks like Destiny. The new IP those CoD guys were working on?”


“Ok, this is getting ridiculous.”

“You serious?”

More walking.

Arm exposed.
“What the?”

Cortana Chip.

Rest of the trailer.

I literally screamed and squeezed the life out of my water bottle and bruised my pinky lol

> I thought it was destiny until I saw his visor.

Didnt even thought it was destiny i thought a new game

I thought “Oh dear”. Then I thought Halo: Journey, then I thought Halo: Journey to Destiny.

I thought it was destiny, honestly when I saw the arm, I was like “-Yoink!-”

I didn’t say anything but I couldn’t help but be happy to see Chief - he’s my hero even if his last adventure was lackluster.

Huh well this looks interesting.

Wait, what?

Seriously, is that Master Chief?

Why the hell is he a Jedi?

Oh no.

Kinda like that.

My friend showed it to me not telling me it was Halo, literally started jumping around in class when that hood came off. lol

“Is… Is that Obi-Wan Kenobi?”

“Nah, looks like ‘The Wanderer’ from destiny…”

“Wait… what just happened…”

“Is that a -Yoink- war sphinx?”

“Chief what the hell are you doing in the middle of the desert looking at a gigantic forerunner robot?”

… “So… Halo 5 then?”

When i saw master chief taking off his hand of the cloak, i immediately assumed it was master chief !

I was just like "Oh Damn, Oh Damn, OH -Yoink- -Yoink!- ITS THE CHIEF,:’( EMPTY AI CHIP, THE FEELS, NOO HIS VISOR, HOLY -Yoink- WHAT THE HEK IS THAT THING… pretty much in that order too.

"… desert wind, blowing in a dune, mysterious, hooded man watching from a distance, take a second to look awesome, zero gravity, stone take off in slow mow, “WTH, wher´s the floor!?!” giant metal egg rises, MC looks at his favorite key-chain, egg turns to giant chicken, MC holds to his key chain, OMG its HIM!
ooops, sorry Toboscus…couldn’t help it ; )

“Stupidity is like space, no boundaries are knowed, but there will allways be someonetrying to bouldly go where no man has gone before.”

i was all like
“Oh, its those sand midgets from stars wars”

but then i was like


I also thought that it was Destiny like most people until I saw Chief’s hand and recognized Cortana’s chip. I perked up from mildly interested to somewhat intrigued but after watching the whole thing I was left at “Meh.” All in all it wasn’t a very exciting teaser.

The cloak made me think of Megaman Zero 2’s intro so points for that I guess.

Well I was watching e3 in class looking back and forth at the teacher and my screen (I’m in high school), hiding the ear bud with my arm. Looking at game trailers " nice" “sweet” “that actually looks sick”, I see the dessert I’m like that sand looks familiar, I look away to see where my teacher is I look back I see the hood come off and IM LIKE WTF-!!! -Yoink- YEAH!!!

…teacher took away my iPad…