What did you guys think of the campaign?

It was okay I guess, a lot of fun, but maybe didn’t feel epic and hardcore like for example h3 campaign even tho I enjoyed all of my 3 runs. Still something doesn’t feel quite right, for example the maxed out equipment feel a little overpowered, and probably the main story is a little “left out” compared to the open world part, but overall was quite good.


It was ok very cool experience I guess but I would’ve been ok with 8-10 campaign missions

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343 hates them just as much as the community now. Come on guys, it’s not Osiris’ fault they got stuck with lousy writing.

I for one appreciate the RvB references.

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I felt like the story was kinda weak, and the open world was really lacking in variety, both environmentally, and in terms of interesting locations to discover… it all felt very copy paste, espeically things like the FOBs… so much wasted potential.

Overall, it felt like it was just a teaser of what could have been… specifically that lots of characters were left out, and there was never a sense of “combined arms.” Rescuing marines and whatnot would have felt more valuable if it had actually felt like there was a sense of progress, where Marines were sticking around after being rescued,


To me the Campaign felt like the only remotely good part of the entire game.


I was not a fan of Halo 5, but the way they just amputated that whole game was jarring. I do feel like they got done dirty. If they had been implemented differently it would have been fine. Especially if they played differently to blue team. Instead the opening cutscene makes them look like SS4 Spartans compared to Master Chief.

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Agreed, but what’s SS4?

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Super Saiyan 4. I wanted to pick a different description than Power Rangers lol

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It was ok I guess. The open world was pretty unimpressive really. Lot of cookie cutter environments. The story was ok but honestly doesn’t really draw you in being open world. About all I truly enjoyed was the high value targets. Pretty sad we can’t even repeat missions or anything without starting an entire new game. Another thing that is kinda lame is the sound when you get a kill, kinda like crushing a hard boiled egg. Mowing down Covies and seeing the blue blood fly is so much more satisfying. I love replaying missions in MCC, don’t have much desire to start a new game of Infinite.

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Absolutely unacceptable, and the cosplaying jackals pretending to be skirmishers is a massive slap on the face from 343 after waiting for T’vaoans to return in the games for over a decade. They barely even appear in external media in the novels and comics, etc, and I was hoping Infinite would bring them back into the spotlight to develop them more as a race.

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You are speaking 100% facts about the campaign and the feeling of loss for humanity is nowhere to be felt not even close to the feeling of loss shown and felt in Bungie’s Halos especially in Reach.

No matter how many times I play Reach’s campaign I still get that feeling of loss for humanity but on infinite though never felt it once.


Besides not having coop, scoring, or level selection? I actually really enjoyed the campaign. Wish that it didn’t freeze up on me as much as it does/did but that’s what you get for using an older console and a computer that doesn’t have a strong enough GPU.


I loved it. There are some major issues I had with the story direction, (seemingly) retconning Halo 5 and (seemingly) killing off Cortana.

The music and ambience in the game is amazing. You really can lose yourself and it fits the mood of the story they’re telling perfectly. I can legitimately lose myself just wandering the place. The open world formula does have merit. There just needed to be more of it and more to do.

It’s very clever. The dialogue hits home and I was surprised how much it references previous games.

It has the best Master Chief story. If you’re going to fridge Cortana and have him overcome that loss; pretty much perfect. The Weapon acts as a very clever supporting character in that story. Although, if the plan going forward is that he gets Cortana back and there’s no consequences; I feel that’s a cop out and making things too easy for him. You can hear the pens of the committee at times in the story.

If the game wants you to hate Atriox and the Banished. Mission accomplished. I don’t exactly understand why they’ve picked this fight or have an axe to grind with humanity; but they have made a terrible mistake trapping themselves on this ring.

For me, Halo 5 was a big cliffhanger where I was really curious about what the would mean for the Halo Galaxy. Cortana going full God mode and conquering the Galaxy in this Rogue Servitor Stellaris run. For 6 years 343 has in various books and games pretty much refused to do that. It’s annoying that Infinite continues that trend by framing this all as a mystery and retreading things as part of this soft reboot. This is even assuming there’s no retcon. Cortana occupied Earth for an entire year at least. How did that go? It’s also very relevant. The game asks you to forgive Cortana. Yet we are given a very patchy incomplete picture of what she did. Not to mention big questions like the relationship between humanity and Smart AI.

I don’t think the Banished are well explained as a faction. Sometimes they are put across as just the big dumb intro faction like Orks from 40k and other times they’re mixed up in Forerunner/Endless conspiracies and have this bizarre hatred for humanity mixed with a cultish devotion to Atriox. They’re all over the place and after five years we really shouldn’t be asking why they hate humanity and want to destroy the UNSC. If it is some big twist regarding the factions origins and motive I think they’re too coy. They also contradict their own lore on this. Divine Wind says Atriox left for Ark six months before Cortanas uprising so he did not want the Halo array because she destroyed his planet as is strongly suggested in Halo Infinite. It feels like 343 seized on the faction and are pushing them into the center of the story as Covenant 2.0 without any regard for the wider lore.

I think they bungled the introduction of the Endless badly. The Harbinger is a complete failure who never creates any sense of threat. She fails to fix the Halo. You handily stop her plan. Her army is a bunch of floating squids. Why are they more dangerous than the Flood? It feels like a hard sell and I think 343 will have its work cut out to get that back on track.

Compared to Destiny. That game has four main enemy factions. Why should Halo only have the Banished? Even the Endless seem set to just join the Banished as some mega faction and even the Sentinels are helping them. This lack of enemy variety is a problem and is exacerbated by the Banished being very weirdly placed in the story. Hopefully new expansions will address this.


Understandable, have a great day.


The music, the writing, the acting, ahhh, man, I feel it in my chest every time. Every time, even years later. Bungie can write.

All the deaths in Infinite happened off screen. We never really watched anyone die besides that one Spartan getting shocked, but I don’t even remember his name, or any of the dead Spartans. They were all forgettable and insignificant. There’s no blood, no on screen deaths, no impact, I just do not care about the campaign.

I mean, I kind of want to feel bad about the pilot missing his wife and daughter, but no not anymore than I would feel bad about any other generic character in any other generic Hollywood movie or TV show. It’s not really impactful. I don’t really care about Master Chief having relationship issues with his new one year old vtuber eGirlfriend, or him hugging and giving emotional support to the pilot. I don’t care.

I grew up blasting rock music, Breaking Benjamin, tearing up bloody aliens like Chief was comparable to Doom Slayer. Blue, green, red, and yellow explosions and blood everywhere. Halo Infinite feels soft. The tv show is soft. 343 is soft. Bungie was never afraid to kill off main characters and tug at your heartstrings, even still in Destiny I keep seeing it many times. Bungie damn sure still can write. 343, not so much. I don’t think 343 has the guts to kill the pilot.

I don’t really get the sense of excitement, the sense of fear, the sense of loss and regret, playing Halo Infinite. No sense of awe or wonder. The world feels generic and repetitive. It’s not there. I’m not intimidated by the Banished or the Endless. They are not a threat. They’re annoying at best. They don’t compare to fearing the Flood. I’m never going to forget that time that the Covenant joined your team, or when the Flood temporarily helped you out. It was awesome. Nothing cool happens in Infinite. There are no wild plot twists. The writing is mediocre. I feel like I’m watching the TV show when I think about the Infinite campaign.


Underwhelming. The story felt so loosely put together that I just couldn’t care about it. There was no time to properly develop anything.

Gameplay wise 343 seemed to forget the military part of this military sci-fi shooter. The complete lack of large battles is a huge let down. The entire game feels like a one man war against the Banished. Doesn’t help that marines can’t drive vehicles either and you can have at most about a warthogs worth of marines with you.

It’s just a letdown all around if you ask me.


I wish I hadn’t bought it. It was ok but definitely NOT worth $60. I want there to be replayable pve content so bad cause this game is stale. I’m so sick of this insanely repetitive pvp grind every week. Maybe in like 4 years the game will be good


I think Halo Infinite’s campaign gets a lot more credit than it deserves. Most of the characters are terribly written. The story as a whole lacks direction. The writers were so busy tearing down Halo 5’s plot and setting up future plot points, that they forgot to give the campaign itself a story.

Gameplay wise, it was fun but the game gets repetitive very fast. 343 boasted about the “mystery and wonder” of the open world, yet the actual open world contains very little worth exploring. It falls victim to the same tropes of open world games where you’re doing the same thing over and over but in a different location. It doesn’t help that the vehicle sandbox is terrible in this game. When the grappling hook makes you traverse the map better than a warthog, something’s wrong.

Overall, I felt like Halo Infinite’s campaign was completely forgettable. There isn’t a single moment or quote that stuck with me.


I think the campaign is pretty solid, but the way it’s set up, replaying it is a nightmare. The inability right now to go back and play slices I especially enjoy as we’ve always been able to do in other Halo games really hurts this one.


The gameplay was cool, tossing canisters, killing Banished, and grappling like spiderman was fun for a little while. It did get boring though, especially when those are the only viable things to do the entire game.

I think the overall story writing is awful. All of 343’s games very loosely connect to each other. After working on Halo for over a decade, you’d think that they would have figured out what they want to happen or how they want the story to go.

At this point, I could care less about Infinite’s campaign. And the multiplayer is only a brief escape for me until it suddenly becomes as monotonous as the campaign.