What did you guys think of the campaign?

Personally, I loved it! Aside from the lack of environmental variety and some story issues, it was super fun. I just wish we could replay stages and I cant wait for co-op

Also, the music is incredible. Favourite Halo OST to date.


Played it once, and I have no reason to ever play it again. I bought the campaign to play Halo, not a cheap knock off Zelda.


Part one did what Act I is meant to do.
Introduce you to the world and set up the grander narrative.
Cannot wait for part 2


Played every difficulty, even LASO, unlocked everything. Hated it. Story was pretty meh fanfiction. The Banished seem to be heavily nerfed since Wars, and their objective on the ring seems pointless and stupid. All these bases guarding nothing, and holding prisoners instead of killing them? Dumb. They killed everyone else. They killed all the Spartans on the Infinity. Everyone is dead except Chief and a few other Spartans. Why would you hold prisoners? The Harbinger used the Banished to make a phone call. That was it.

The plot felt rushed and unfinished, because it was. Campaign was cut a lot to release it early. Lots of chunks of Island aren’t even accessible, even though there’s caves and stuff there if you get out of bounds. The story felt short and scuffed. We missed a huge time gap between 5 and Infinite. Chief would have survived space if he had Thrusters or Jetpack, but because the theme of Infinite is Grapple, he nearly died for the sake of a gimmick.

Speaking of Grapple, I spent 99.99% of my runs just spamming Grapple at the ground, at vehicles, at enemies, basically never just walking or shooting like any other Halo game. You are inclined to abuse Grapple to save time and inconvenience. It’s a Grapple simulator with a Halo skin. Once you get the Wasp, suddenly it’s Wasp simulator with constant Banshee dogfights, and you just fly the Wasp literally everywhere, negating the whole purpose of having an open world. I killed all the bosses from the sky, and flew to every pad, locker, and objective. It was really repetitive and boring.

I would never play the Campaign ever again, unless my friend asks me to play Co-op, but I’ll just speedrun it and leave them behind, making it a drag to play through.

I’m not looking forward to spamming Grapple and flying the Wasp in the future mediocre DLC expansions either.


It’s ok, but I wish more was going on within the open world… Marines and Banished duking it out in larger scaled battles and maybe even random events to keep things fresh.


loved it. Its my fav campaign to date in terms of the story. And waiting to see what the next dlc do with the story. And especially the legendary ending blew my mind. I just wish it didnt crash as much on my pc as i want to play the campaign more.


I really enjoyed it.

I actually like the way they tied up the H5 mess with Cortana. I think that part of the story was better dealt with by someone else other than the Chief.

The only things missing were;

  1. Another biome bit - something in space, underwater, in the snow. Didn’t have to be a lot. Even just one part of one mission. Just something to break it up.

  2. An epic Scarab (or other vehicle) set piece.

  3. A warthog run.

But thumbs up from me. Overall I thought it was a good way to reset for old fans and let new fans in.

There are a lot of questions left open; The capture of Cortana, The fall of the Infinity, Osiris and Blue Team etc. I would love it if we got more of the backstory in DLC. Like playing another Spartan doing a mission on Infinity as it fell.


actually the next mission we were going to play was in the desert. Sadly t was cut.


(Warning rant/spoilers inbound) yes, it was bad.

i played through twice, my first was 20 hours and i tried to complete most of it, then my second was a “speed run” on easy which only took 3 hours and 58 to complete the main quest. it would have been closer to 3 hours or maybe even 2 and change but the game started to glitch and locked me in several rooms for up to 5 minutes each cause i was skipping all the cutscenes, my audio broke too somewhere in there and i had to restart my XB. its literally the shortest halo ever of all time, with the fastest speed run only taking 29 mins.

all i remember of the campaign is MC playing guidance counselor to the winy a** pilot, MC’s cringy AF line when Esch died, and faux-tana walking from MC’s hand on to “terminals”, and the opening BS cutscene where chief’s jumping upper cut would have shattered atriox’s neck like a hammer to a wine flute. let’s not forget the BS about six months floating in space without food water, or oxygen.

then there was the open world that i was actually excited to explore, but there was nothing to explore nothing off the beaten path, NOTHING.

the “cutscenes” were pathetic and told us the story mostly through holograms and 90% of them were about what happened while we were either floating in space or what happened before the zeta conflict even started, the rest were fax-tana walking from chief’s hand on to terminals (yes those were all skippable cutscenes) the only good cutscene was where chief tried to delete her.

the enemies all felt the same on legend all they did was hang back and shoot, they never tried to flank me once (though they did try to flank on my easy play through, like WTF). In the open world my wasp was repeatedly shot down by grunts with disruptors and brutes with skewers OUTSIDE of the draw distance (that was on heroic).

add to this the inability to back smack anything stronger than a jackal and absolutely needing specific weapon types to take down certain enemies took away what made halo, halo (i.e. going toe to toe with a room full of brutes on legend with just your fists and one-tap back smacking all of them while filling your pants with poo cause Iron is on and you’re 80% through the ark)

With the difficulty on legendary feeling like normal, then getting to a boss and it becomes dark souls but worse with the bosses being able to one hit with nigh on undodgeable attacks across the nearly the entire boss arena. the only fun boss fights were the monitor ones.

yeah, this campaign just isn’t halo.


I’m glad other people enjoyed the campaign. I did not.
They skipped fighting the banished in a losing battle which sounds a lot more interesting than anything I experienced on Zeta Halo.

The Banished just don’t do it for me at all. They are like diet Covenant.
Not trying to offend fans of the Banished but Atriox feels like a marvel villain, and the brutes don’t look like brutes to me anymore. The lung disease brute was about as boring as I can imagine. His whole motivation felt derivative/cliche/generic.

Nothing about it felt like a natural progression of the story. It felt manufactured by passionless robot committee to make a game that cast the widest possible net.


Campaign was good. Realy went back to it’s roots with a bit extra. Me and my friends loved exploring all the mysterious forerunner secrets or the covenants and the UNSC environments for audio logs or easter eggs.

Only problem is now we can’t so that together. I’ve played the campaign pretty straight forward but I don’t want to wonder around the ring without friends.


I enjoyed it. 100% completion is really annoying though. The audio logs must have been one of those ‘not quite done but let’s ship anyways items’. They do not show up on the map when completed. If you collect them out of order, they show up incorrectly in the database. Exploring for the 6 or 7 Artifacts was fun but 100 audio logs under rocks was no fun at all.

This game is riddled with such issues so I digress…

it would have the pillar of autumn on steroids

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the only Halo I haven’t finished and coming from having finished Halo 5 a few times that saying quite a bit. Truthfully it’s more to do with the fact I can’t play the campaign offline on xbox which might seem trivial to some but I just can’t commit to a Halo campaign if I don’t know it will still be there countless years down the line thanks to the whole DRM process now in place

My biggest issues are lack of biome diversity, and lack of story driven side quests. I was hoping for side missions involving important characters like Palmer, buck, arbiter, etc. as examples. Instead it felt very much like a generic “clear this area of bad guys”.

While I enjoyed the campaign overall I can’t help but feel the open world concept wasn’t used as effectively as I should have.

That being said; an entire game being a send up to one of the most beloved levels in halo makes a ton of sense, and I really did enjoy it.

I’m just repeating myself at this point but the biggest take away is the open world wasn’t used as well as it should have and it needed meaningful side content.

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i think the campaign is really really bad (tied with h5, but for different reasons). it is just a boring kind of no-story. kind of a bad retelling of halo CE but only until shortly before the introduction of the flood. and all of this is worse executed than CE.
the banished, could be an interesting faction, but it’s just the new covenant and on top of that the “characters” are boring 70s saturday morning cartoon villains up to the point that it is far beyond embarrassing. also the “boss” fights are just stupid bullet sponge fights.
even the UNSC “characters” are boring cliche characters and when they get some kind of “characterization” its just embarrassing cliche dialogue.
the world itself is boring and just filled with “work” and boring standard open world stuff so you can work down a checklist to artificially stretch out the length of the campaign
also: introducing time travel is the thing you do, when you run out of ideas.

also also: even if h5s story was really bad, it being just dropped is also the most lazy thing to do.

on top of all of this: i don’t really think, the writers put work into the game. everything is just trying to play on nostalgia, like the star wars sequels tried and like the star wars sequels the result is just a boring kind of fan fiction. (they are not just doing it in the campaign itself, but also in the loading screens). memberberries all the way.


Repetitive, boring and stale with little to no replay value.


thoroughly enjoyed the campaign


Honestly I think it’s the worst campaign.

Enemies were stale and had certain ranks overlap into others, like any elite above major becoming a stealth elite when you get them low. Melee enemies are made for a completely different game than this, they move ridiculously fast and hit ridiculously fast. Bosses are just uninspired bullet sponges most of the time. Promethian enemies and weapons just pop out of existence although this is a forunner installation and it would’ve been nice to see them with improvements. I would say don’t shove them everywhere though, make them sparse but interesting. There’s no interesting banished ranks from halo wars 2.

Where is literally any other Spartan team, odst team, or anything other than marines? It would’ve been WAAAAY more interesting to build up a resurgence that had a mix of everything allowing you to bring in certain Allie’s for certain battles (if battles were interesting that is).

Weapons are boring and feel bad (console) and the fact that the banished are using the new garbage unsc ones vs cool banished ones from halo wars 2 is very boring gameplay wise. Old weapons that would be a blast to use don’t exist in this game. The following weapons would’ve been great to play with in an open world halo yet aren’t there at all.

Dmr, silenced smg or just smg, any form of a magnum that isn’t the infinite bloom garbage sidekick, plasma rifle, any promethian weapon (halo 5 versions), fuel rod cannon, needler rifle, focus rifle, flamethrower, carbine, the hayabusi katana, many weapons from the halo wars series like the big sniper that is basically a better railgun, the railgun, halo 5 weapon variants, automag, target designator, grenade launcher, Spartan laser, spiker, mauler, brute shot (idk why these 3 aren’t in a game with primarily brutes), and many more.

Why there are no new vehicles for the banished or unsc is beyond comprehension, like where is all the fun from halo wars 2. There’s almost none of the fun stuff from the previous games, like the falcon or revenant, which would’ve been great in an open world halo.

Areas are dull and only have 2 looks, forunner interior or grassy mountain land. There’s no grandiose scale battle stuff like in other halos, like scarab battles or the reach space battle.

The story was awful, it was literally just a far cry game. The main bad sits back, yells at you with holograms, then does nothing until the very end where you just kill him. The endless is a stupid cop out to make something seem worse than the flood. Having it start with confusion and end with a cliffhanger is stupid. Not knowing literally anything about anyone is annoying. Having no unsc buds to back you up like Johnson or keys is lame. Also no, the pilot does not count, he whines the entire time which is a nag into my ears.

TLDR, this game has pretty much nothing fun from the previous games, nothing new that’s interesting, a lame open world, and a worthless story that is literally just a far cry game.


Didn’t finish it. The open world aspect wasn’t as cool as they made it seem. I prefer the linear style Halo games. Not every game has to be open world.