What did the update really say? + how to make priority zero work in the future

We get 2 maps next season and we have a swat “event” with different weapons instead of BR for one week next week

Then we’re back to the “orange” variation of fiesta for a couple more weeks

This isn’t live service. I’m not sure why people are praising this when they’ve literally told us nothing of substance

You know what makes priority zero work? Releasing a game, complete, finished, and with a plan. I’m sorry if that was too much for 343 or Microsoft to do. Not sure why players should suffer for your poor business model now…

Great experiment 343, glad you could mess with a proven formula that worked (selling a finished game for money)

2 new maps in one year
Co-op campaign almost a year after release

Really killing it 343. Kudos to you. I would say I hope we learned something but let’s be real. Take this franchise away from them…


I was… not surprised, but certainly disappointed by the update.

The “serial narrative” BS is pretty disappointing too. 2 more months for… a cutscene? story themed events?

Even the “lone wolf” theme is just silly, and ignores already established canon around headhunters.

I should have known that it was too much to ask for them to make even the smallest improvements to the open world and empty narrative/lack of ALL important characters in the universe.


I uninstalled after reading this update. Kind of reminds me of something Don Mattrick would say, “We have a Halo game thats feature complete and already fun to play; its called The Master Chief collection.”

Seriously I did a “HAH!” out loud when i read:

Priority Zero means that we sometimes need to move slower so that we can move faster later.


“We have no roadmap and we don’t have any content for you guys, but look at what the art team did!”

Literally nothing to offer but say we’re working on stuff that will never be and will only be behind paywalls.

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