what did i do wrong?

I beat the campaign on legendary by myself and i didn’t get mark VI armor. is it only for co-op or did i do something wrong? also my Waypoint stats say i didn’t beat it on legendary only one mission on heroic. if you check my achievements i did beat the game but i didn’t receive anything and my service record says i didn’t. can anyone help me?

Check your commendations to see which one didn’t count, then replay that mission.

I’d say beat the mission again. You know the that Waypoint says you did on Heroic.

I’m not sure it worked for me, try the last mission or from a rally point again.

none of them counted apparently, but i beat it though

No 343 needs to fix this problem. No need to complete a mission that has already been beaten.

i beat it on legendary and then went back and did the 3rd mission for the achievement on heroic and it says that’s the only one i’ve completed