What Covenant faction is this?

From the toys that were revealed, it seems like the Covenant will be back (big surprise I know) but I’m wondering what faction it will be. The color scheme doesn’t match the Banished and the Arbiter finished the Storm Covenant/Jul’s Covenant. I’m wondering if Cortana had enlisted several species to join her own army in exchange for power or passage throughout the galaxy. Humans probably leading the rebellion against her with the help of Arbiter’s forces.

It wouldn’t surprise me if a bunch of species (including humans) have joined cortana since she literally sent a threat of “join or die” across the galaxy. But at the same time I feel that all the races will have joined together to fight back and there’s this “for survival” on one side and “for freedom” on the other. I can see the banished joining chiefs side because atriox spent his time fighting the oppression of the covenant and now this AI is threatening what’s he’s been fighting for. He’s not going to sit idly by right? Then there’s the arbiters faction that’ll be on our team. Kig-Yar just want money so they don’t care who they fight for. Grunts will do what grunts do and be cannon fodder for either team. Prometheans will obviously be with cortana but I kinda want to see exuberant witness gain control over some midway through the campaign or something and then there’s purple prometheans fighting along side you.

I wonder which team the Drones will be on?

I don’t believe that the covenant will be quite the main focus as far as enemies go, or at least I hope not. There are a few other possibilities (alongside the Prometheans) It would be interesting to see the appearance of the URF alongside Cortana. Or possibly the reintroduction of the flood again, as we saw that it can be contained within quarantine zones on Halos.

My guess is that its a brand new ‘Covenant’ faction which may more or less be pirates.
This sorta hinges on how closely they plan to follow H5’s story. If Cortana is still the main antagonist then maybe they will actually just be a part of her forces. However, last year’s trailer and now seeing these figures sorta casts doubt on that theory which is why a new ‘Covenant’ makes more sense to me currently. If they were serving Cortana I would have expected a somewhat different look for the aliens as I’d think Cortana would extend some Forerunner technology to them. The Grunts and Jackals do look better equipped but not in a way that seems unusual for them.

Probably just a bunch of aliens and possibly humans that have either volunteered for, or been conscripted by Cortana’s forces.

The new cortana’s covenant

Most likely not a Covenant remnant faction, rather a group of numerous species serving under Cortana.