What Could We, The Community, Help 343 With?

With Halo 5 here, there seems to be a bit of a setback for some players here who don’t like what 343i has tried to do with Halo. As I will agree there are some aspects that could change and be added, there are still great innovation here that could give 343i the helping hand they need to make the next game even better. So without further a do, please list below constructive posts to where we can agree and disagree like adults and not be a bunch of immature little kids. Lets help 343i shape Halo up with ideas for the next game.

Halo 5 seemed to have release with low content from social playlists to smaller minor issues from aim to armor customization and to me, I’m here to make a post regarding all the possible things I would like to see changed and improved for us the players to enjoy, though I’m not saying I don’t enjoy Halo 5 because well I do, to some degree :slight_smile:

First off I’m going to talk about the UI for the next game
It should be strongly similar to Halo Reach’s or very, very close because Halo Reach’s UI had it best. The roster should display as much information as possible (Friends, Party and Lobby). When you select a player to inspect, ie. Press (X) for Roster and (A) to bring up the options, hovering over a players name showcased a players Spartan (not player card like in Halo 4, but give them the ability to add a stance or animation), which showed what armor they wore, the emblem they had customized, their name, and rank. The main menu should consist of; campaign, Multiplayer, Customs, Forge, Theater, and Firefight/Spops, Warzone and some other new gamemode. There should be a full roster showing everyone who could potentially play with you headed by yourself at the top to inspect. The current lobby should always show who’s party leader and who’s in chat. Options & Career should always be in a separate menu. If you’re not sure what I am talking about look at this video. This is how the next Halo’s UI should be, if not improved.

Matchmaking UI
The other Halo’s had a good UI for the matchmaking but I honestly prefer Halo Reach’s because it was easy to get through, you could change your search restrictions, (options within it are good connection, language and skill), psych profile (options within it are quite, winning, team playing, polite people, etc). Again if you’re unclear to what I’m talking about go here my good sir. Halo Reach’s Matchmaking UI

Now I’m not trying to say that Halo Reach had everything right but it had possibly the best UI thus far to where it wasn’t to complicated to navigate but it was in fact rather spacious and could possibly needed more things implemented. Halo 4 and Halo 5 seemed to be lacking in this department but if spoken up enough we might get something better next time around and I say we should be talking about it now.

The active roster is a system where you can easily check what your friends are doing and do it a lot quicker too. This also gives a cool feature to “invite pend” where you will automatically join a friend when they become join-able, rather than spamming invites, which got old.

As far as other things that need to be returned, they need to return all existing gametypes, such as grifball, vip, one flag, assault, headhunter, stockpile, invasion, one bomb, multi flag, which they have, juggernaut, infection, firefight, KOTH, oddball, INSANE gametype options, territories, race, etc. Within these options there would be sub gamemodes that are based from the original, such as KOTH would have crazy king, team KOTH etc.

Spartan Customization
Ok with this being talked about on the forums a lot, I thought I would make my statement and input my thoughts on the matter. Halo Reach was the first Halo that gave us complete Spartan Customization, from helmet, left and right shoulders, chest, wrist, utility, visor color, knee guards, armor effect and firefight voice. Thought honestly armor effects could be replaced with a stance, and firefight voice could come back but also 343i should implement a matchmaking voice over instead of the common same voice I hear time and time again, I wouldn’t mind hearing Nathan Fillion in some crazy matchmaking dialogue to death cries. I like how 343 added in different assassinations you can choose from for your Spartan to perform and I gotta say the ones in Halo 5 really show the destructive forces your Spartan can do to others. If you want to see what I am talking about head over to this Halo Reach’s Armor Customization. The armor needs to return to this design and customization. They need to return to this design rather than giving us restricted options. I enjoy making my Spartan awesome looking and I am sure a lot others do as well. Return full armor customization. Bring also back all the colors to choose from :slight_smile: To throw into the mix the armor needs to return to the more military look rather than this mixture of both UNSC and Forerunner combo, I enjoyed my Spartan looking like he should, I currently rock the Nightfall helmet and Noble Armor in Halo 5 because it personally makes me feel like I am suppose to. The armor in itself, need to be more sharp and more on point with design, sometimes I feel like the helmet I wear is HUGE!

Forge/Forge Canvases
Forge isn’t hear just yet but right around the corner but after seeing the canvases that we are getting in Halo 5 I have to say its quite disappointing though I do like having other options on where to Forge, the maps that 343 have given us are too opened and lack variety to Forge in various locations unlike in Halo Reach. Some seem to have limited space in areas on which you could possible Forge. I love the skyboxes in Halo 5 and what 343 has done but please look back and get great ideas on previous installments and what they did and implement those into the next Halo and Halo 5.

Other Pertaining Issues from the Fans
People have stated on here that there are issues from aiming, which personally I feel didn’t need changed and should have stayed the same and that they should have just altered the aim assist and bullet magnetism. Lack of grenade jumping, doesn’t exist in the game, spawn points are bad because of spawn killing making the game not fun, getting out of matchmaking maps due to the lack of heavy testing, etc, etc. The list goes on and if 343 wants Halo to come back to being great, they need to listen to the fans and bring things in that are better for the series and leave things that imply don’t need fixing.

Im not here to bash on 343 because there are some things in game that are nice and I enjoy but overall I find it more frustrating than appealing. They have a great team and have talent, they just need a little help going in the right direction. If I missed anything guys feel free to let me know in your comments below. I love Halo and I am glad 343 are continuing it but they need help from us to make it better for us all to enjoy.

I wonder if 343i will see this post? Any mods like my ideas?

Teaming up with BUNGIE! combined they would make an EPIC game!

this game has so much potential to have the longevity of halo 3 or 2. once they fix the issues such as spawns and unbalanced game mechanics like the splatter and more map variety and gametypes this game will last a long time. i dont want this game to turn into halo 4 where the player base just falls off the face of the earth halo is an iconic game with a huge community and with game with this kind of following this game should never die