What could they have monetized instead of so much of the armor?

Yeah, some of the armor needs to be monetized, obviously, but 90% of it? That is just greedy

The only armor behind a paywall should be “Legendary” pieces and the Legendary ratio should be 20-25%

Here is an example

Free helmets=24
Premium helmets=7
Total helmets=31

There would be no BP or event passes, every free item would be unlocked with a Reach type system.

So instead of armor, they could have monetized something like, weapon/vehicle coatings.

Primary/secondary coloring would be free and then you could buy colors for certain parts

Imagine all of the different things that you could color on vehicles and weapons.
I can’t name them all right now but I know, for just a weapon, there is like 20 or 30+ different parts you could’ve colored.

Emblems could be monetized, stances, AI colors, backdrops, ect.
There is so much they could’ve thought up to monetize other than armor.

What are your thoughts?


https: //forums.halowaypoint.com/t/28-things-343-could-have-monetized-without-ruining-customization/489758

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This was 28 things I was able to come up with. What I found was that 343 should have had Mk. VII be the “free” and monetize the other ones. Basically the issue is that we can barely do anything to Mk. VII or Yoroi without dropping $20.

Simply put, they got too greedy and now no one even wants to bother with customization.

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Why not remake every armor from every game in stunning quality and release them for free as a good will act, then make all new never before seen content that would reside only in the shop or free events? Oh wait nobody except a few aquatic land animals are willing to spend money :thinking: :facepunch:

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Spartan voices, armor coatings, armor attachments, vehicle coatings, more AI voices, emblems, and weapon coatings. Basically everything they have now minus the armor cores.

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Greedy is an understatement, what 343 did we are not allowed to post on this forum.

Looking at all the feedback given to them and their recent “adjustments” to the shop. It was 343 giving the community the finger. That’s all I needed to know that 343 has become another useless business that gaming doesn’t need.

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Ascended hyperion did a great video touching on that

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If I was making greedy but fair business decisions here is what I would do:
I feel like the “Free” stuff should only be the fractures.
Base MK 7 is free, everything for that armor is in the shop or earnable in the campaign.
All Reach and other canon cores should only be in the battle pass.
Coatings should be cross-core and purchasable at any time. Same with weapons and vehicles.
Armor effects stay with seasons and events.
All Emblems should be free, only added. Same with nameplates.
No armor bundles should cost more than the seasons. Period. Seasons are the top shelf thing people want and offers the most content for price. If people are at the shop its either because they don’t want to buy the season, or want better Mk7 gear on top of what they already have.

Oh, I don’t know maybe the battle passes, and the campaign with E-sports weapon skins/ emblems.