What could it be?

In the bulletin bs angel said "Even a Forerunner

weapon incorporates some of the elements from that gun session."

From this that was said I got to thinking, what type of Forerunner weapon is it? I

would have thought a Forerunner gun would sound like a plasma weapon or an energy beam

or something else along those lines. What kind of gun do you think it is that would

sound kind of like a human gun?

You’re implying it’ll sound like a human gun at all. Elements of the mechanical clatter in bullets or maybe even explosions are to be incorporated into the weapon, but it’ll be filtered and mixed with other audio.

We already have a thread disscussing this, dude.

> Your post does not belong in the Halo 4 forums.

> > Your post does not belong in the Halo 4 forums.

Please do not troll the forums.

It could be anything.

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