What could Infinite look like in 6 months?

By the time we are deep into season 3 what could this game look like?

Ranked will have 2v2 and FFA by then.

Forge will have been out a while (hopefully with a customs browser) so the social side of Infinite should be thriving.

Hopefully desync will have been significantly improved upon by then.

Hopefully more meaningful progression will be in the game (XP level, service records, etc.)

Hopefully matchmaking will be significantly better by then.

More maps and modes will have been added.

And probably a lot more.

Overall we could potentially have a really great game by then. Its very disappointing looking at the state the game is in right now but I believe the core gameplay is good enough to warrant the patience needed for the rest of this game to become great.


by season 3 (maybe 3.5 as we don’t know how glitchy it might be) Infinite will be the game we should’ve gotten at launch.

season 4/5 will be when it becomes the greatest hero of all time… its yet another Shonen Anime arc.

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There will be a crap load of maps and mods like we had with past Halo Games!
It may take a while once we get forge but it will happen.

Peace! :fist_right: :fist_left:

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With the release of Forge is should at least give this game a somewhat stable population. New maps and modes driven by community creation is the only way to save this game because 343 has proven time and time again that they are just too incompetent for the task.

Forge is the only hope.

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Hopefully Forge is the turning point.

They just need to tap into what the community creates. Have pathways where the good maps and game types get a chance to thrive and even make their way into the main playlists.

Hopefully things like the net code is fixed and we’re able to select our servers so we don’t get ridiculous pings anymore.

Our service record would be available and accessible like it was in the past.

Co-op is in and works properly. Forge is in and works properly and LAN is in as well… Oh and works properly!

I wish they would also bring back the ranked and social setup instead of this terrible one they have now.

It would also be nice if something like Ranked Team Slayer was actually in this game! The fact that it’s not still, legitly kind of blows my mind! Arguably one of the most popular playlists in any Halo game is not in… Mind-boggling!

This is what it could look like but unfortunately we kind of know, it won’t. I’m sorry to say but I’m getting to the point…heck, Maybe I’m already there, where I’ve practically lost all hope for this game. I’ve been a fan since the first month that CE came out. The way this game has been handled and what they’ve done, is again just mind-boggling.

I’ll always be a Halo fan and I will always pick up and play here and there but they really messed this up. It’s sad too because the game has such potential or had… and no one really complains about the gameplay, Just pretty much everything else :roll_eyes::disappointed:

Not trying to be a downer but I’m sort of done with it all. Oh and I wish the game actually encouraged you to play with your friends like the old halos used to. This one it’s practically impossible to play with your friends unless you’re at the same skill level :disappointed:

I’m not even mad anymore I’m just perplexed decisions and just really disappointed.

I’m gonna take a more pessimistic approach to the question and say that midway through season 3 we still won’t have any of the armor we want (CQB, CQC, JFO, MKV, THE REST OF REACH), game will still be hemorrhaging players and community creators left and right, desync still won’t have a fix, all the MMR and comp garbage will also be unsolved, but you’ll have 16 more garbage fracture core item packs and armor icons to whale for…isnt that what the community wants???

Around season 7 or 8 is going to be the game we should have gotten at launch but itll be too late by then. Infinite will have a relaunch of sorts like MCC did when they added Reach but like I said, too little too late and the game will be doomed to run on ~5k players average across all platforms, only climbing any higher when 343 injects more half-baked nonsense nobody asked for and thats being generous.

Prove me wrong. Ill be back to this post when season 7 drops.


Probably the same as it was from the start of Season 2


I think barring any new game mode that catches fire or a new PVE surprise hit that brings in a lot of players 6 months from now is going to look a lot like today. I think the game has legs its just not attracting new players in any significant way.

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Well… we already waited eight months after the game launched. Now you want to wait another six months? lol yeah, Eff that nonsense.


Well, if history is any indication, it’s going to look a lot like what we have right now, only with fewer players.


While the release of forge will be good for the game in general I honestly can’t see the player base expanding too much. The damage is done, you only get one chance at a first impression and Halo Infinite’s first impression was terrible.



Maybe with less dysync as well but i doubt it lol

The best thing they can hope for is them to get people to return which i will admit i will be one of the people returning once forge and infection comes out along with a fix to the dysync

I think based on the last 8 months…I feel like not much will change in 6 months. I feel too many claims have been made and most of what 343i claimed have been false plus the fact they ignored long term non-hcs fans and focused on HCS only playlists hurt the game for me too since I don’t care for no radar.

I just can’t get myself to get excited for forge or even co-op because of how poorly the game has been managed and I’m dreading what 343i might be planning next since so far 343i have been going against the ‘player 1st’ behavior as best as they can. I may give it a go again at some point but I’m struggling to be enthusiastic about the game these days.

Plus Halo 5’s forge was the worst forge I had ever used so my expectations for Infinite’s forge are pretty low. I’m more likely to give it a quick go when I can play on the Steam Deck but the thing is I went back at the start S2 and was instantly put off by the store and the amount of content locked behind the 2nd paywall was frustrating.

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I came across a clip of someone who build lockout in forge and that’s something that will make me one happy gamer again.

If by that time the custom game editor is also debugged and fully operational you can find me with my friends just doing our own customs on lockout again having a blast :smile:

For MP I really hope desync will be behind us and husky raid (and weapon variants) have made their way into the fiesta playlist.

dead, like it is now… releasing the game without co-op, forge and other fun stuff is just dumb like they did.


6 months, so about halfway through season 3?

I think we’ll be on the third or fourth rehash of the same “narrative event”.
Forums will be filled with threads telling 343 to fix forge and co-op since they will both probably launch broken.
2 more maps, Desync is still not fixed, game is basically in the same spot as now.


Honestly I wouldn’t be remotely surprised if that’s the case.

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And a lot of it is due to 343 very poor actions so reading on to where you say “I believe the core gameplay is good enough to warrant the patience for the rest of the game to become great”?

I highly disagree.

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