What could be added or improved in Halo Wars 2 ?

I want to know what features could be added to make Halo Wars 2 more enjoyable or user friendly or what currently existing features could be upgraded and how to make it better for us as players.

This discussion is not to bash 343 or Halo Wars 2 so don’t post straight up complaints. If we don’t provide proper feedback, I explain above, we only make it harder for 343 to give us the game we want.

So tell me what you all would like to see added, fixed, or upgraded; and possibly how you’d like 343 could do it. Let’s make Halo Wars 2 amazing together!

These are my suggestions on what should be changed after playing the Halo Wars 2 Beta.


  • The Multiplayer Beta is nice to see during E3, but I feel that the fast pace of the multiplayer doesn’t let the new player explore the new units, terrain or see the improvements from the previous game; having one skirmish game, like Halo Wars Beta, lets people take their time in getting use to the new game, and not having to rush, so your team isn’t defeated. = Releases a skirmish game before Halo Wars 2 is released.

-The selection of a character is somewhat lacking, its not as user friendly when trying to figure out that you have to press “A” twice to select a character and then ready up.
= Make the lobby a little bit more user friendly.

  • The look of the user interface is nice; I do see a resemblance to the Halo Wars 2007 E3 trailer, but there are some problems with it.

  • With the mini map, its hard to see the terrain and detail of the map without having to move your screen to the location, and figure out whether i can send my troops there, or not. = Keep the previous Halo Wars mini map. - The color theme of the inside of the mini map being light blue, and you the player being light blue makes it hard too see your units on the mini map. = Previous point of keeping the previous Halo Wars mini map. - The cursor is a little plain of just being a white circle. = Make the cursor have a little more detail. Controls

  • Now I haven’t seen all of the controls configurations yet, but the new controls are harder for the player to play with.

  • The left trigger being the commander’s ability window instead of the fast-screen mover is hard for previous Halo Wars fans when trying to get to the battlefield from your base without using the D-pad controls. = Keep, or have the old Halo Wars control configuration. - The new commander’s abilities are awesome, but the process of unlocking them takes too long. = All abilities should be shown in the commander’s selection ability window until the points are met to unlock. = A suggestion is being able to press “X” to unlock the ability then again to upgrade it, or pressing “A” to use the ability.Commander’s Abilities

  • Like I said before, the new abilities are awesome, but there are some issues I have. Now there might be somethings that I’ve not seen, or missed in the beta.

  • The number of mac rounds the Spirit of Fire can shoot is one? = There should at least be two since it has a twin gun MAC. - The number of ODST squads called in at a time is one; now I don’t know if the ODST’s pods can cause damage to enemy units when they drop down like shown in the trailer. = At least increase the number of called in ODST squads to four, or up at a time. It strengths the point of the number of ODST in Halo 3: ODST drop was more than one squad.Unit Capacity

  • The increased unit cap is good to see, but I feel that it is useless with the increase of unit population cost. = Make it so that we can have larger armies instead of the same amount from Halo Wars’s that was released on Xbox 360. I mean it shouldn’t cost seven population points for a tank.


  • The new enemy looks awesome and cool to fight.

  • Now I don’t know the effects of being in cryo-stasis for 30 years, but I feel the new look of Captain James Cutter seems too young; like he shaved 20 years from his 51 year old life. Pros

  • The visuals are awesome with the amount of detail in them.

  • The addition of a new resource system further increases and challenges players to use different strategies to defeat your opponent.

  • The new units are great and fun to play with.

  • The new commander abilities gives us the chance to experiment and explore new strategies to use.

Looking forward to Halo wars 2 release date in February 2017, and hope to see you all in the beta.