What coop campaign really needs before official launch

Besides all the bugs, it is missing many functions built for coop.

  • Too little enemies especially in the open world. Playing together felt more like a grind without challenge. I never realized you literally fight a wraith-like once in the campaign after 5 hours in and banshees literally spawn in duos. There just isn’t much you can face open world for 4 players.

  • Difficulty needs tuninng, I thought I heard that enemies become stronger when there are more players, it didn’t felt that way. The thunderskull and mythic skull definitely helps though- if you want to fight all ultra rank units.

  • The ability to ping. Maps big enough where nobody really knows what to call out because everything looks the same. The ability to ping like in multiplayer would benefit a lot.

  • Choose which player you spawn to. Its fun with your team splits up to get objectives done. But when you die and just spawn far away back, it ruins the momentum. Though this is for an open world context.

Though this is what I think that is possible at the moment before launch.


Let’s be real, of you haven’t noticed a trend by now…the Test flight we played is more than likely how the full co Op expereince is going to launch.

Remember when the released the beta and than we find out that once the game was officially released it was the same thing…

Co op campaign in my assumption will be the same way… No drop in capacities, nope you want to add another person better save and exit the whole game to add that one guy… Only for one of them to have the campaign crash on them.

Keep expectations very low.


There have been momvents where 343i added functions because the community asked for it during their Beta’s and insiders back in Halo 5 and Halo Infinite. You are right, be realistic. So when you request, make realistic request. Mine are mainly functions.

Rather than other ridiculous request like being our own spartans or something.

I honestly would want challenges that award XP tied to the campaign like Halo Reach did.

For example kill X amount of grunt Ultras, thus adding layers of replayability. Players would find it easier to get grind Ultras by adding skills and playing on High difficulty

But It would add some layers and at least in the future matchmaking searches for co op

MCC has the same challenges as well. I would honestly enjoy that too, since now there is replayability within missions. I probably forgot to ask for more enemies spawning in the open world as well. I wish there were enemy patrols and tanks around sadly.

They could add in playlists similar to what’s on the MCC but with skull effects to add some variety

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I have watched some YouTube co-op beta videos, and oh my, there are some major bugs, the kind of bugs that will be so irritating people will not play, I know it’s a Beta, but come -on. I really do think most people will avoid the headache of playing co-op, but in 343 fashion, they will find something (the engine) or someone (the players) to blame co-op problems on.

Oh! Yeah … no freakin’ Matchmaking, who creates co-op without matchmaking?

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Dude for real their response is just use discord… I swear man they are putting the bare minimum effort into everything they do.

Great ideas, we should also get new achievements, new armor lockers, and other new small Easter eggs added to the campaign in general.