What confirmation are you waiting for?

Personally I’m twitching in anticipation for the day 343 announces the forklift from Reach will return as a forge option (a young man can dream can’t he)

I’m waiting for the ‘Mammoth’ to be confirmed in Forge. >:)

That’d be epic and awesome!

I’m waiting for the Pelican and Phantom to be drivable and can be placed in Forge.

Not much of a forger but right now, I’m waiting for some delicious forge-news.

The other new weapons.

not sure if confirmed or not but I’m waiting for the sentinel beam to be confirmed(unexplainable obsession)
this or a drivable pelican, phantom, scarab.

> Not much of a forger but right now, I’m waiting for some delicious forge-news.


I’m lookin forward to forge news. Also we know a progression system is in so Im interested in seeing the “competitive” ranking system.

The human shotgun.

I want to know if they intend to base it on the m45 or the m90.

I’m looking forward to some Forge news as well.

The mammoth will be in mp? ODST and Security helmet return?

I’m waiting for a confirmed ranking system.

And a 4sk BR.

confirmation of a true MM system.

Theater mode for spartan ops.

New Vehicles: Civilian, UNSC, Covenant, and Forerunner.

The Flood

Halo 4 will have no fall damage esp. in Campaign and Spartan-ops

Im waiting for a ranking system.

I want to know the projected campaign completion time.
I hope that it’s at least 10 hours. Hopefully longer.

I can pretty much just do all the Halo campaigns, except CEA, in just a few hours now.
I blame muscle memory.

I’d love some confirmation on these things, then I’d be going dark:

Ranking System
SOME Forge details
Jetpack’s fate