What classic maps would you like to see return?

I’m having a lot of fun playing Halo so far. One of my only complaints about the game are the fact that not enough maps are being cycled into playlists. In future updates what classic maps from previous games would you like to see return in Halo 5?

I’d love to see Narrows, Epitaph, Lockout, Ascension,Boardwalk, and maybe Haven or Solace.

Hopefully they can put in some old favorites when they release map packs. Not enough games give classic maps some love

Ice Fields oh god please Ice Fields. It was such a great map that allowed for near perfect vehicular and on-foot play, while also keeping drivers on their toes as they learn how to best use the slippery spots to their advantage - or be taken advantage of by players who lure Warthogs into the ice basin of the level.

Now that you say that Arena could afford to mix it up a bit with some vehicular combat…

There are so many great but not-so-well known Halo CE maps because they were for PC only. Another great one would be Danger Canyon - a giant horseshoe of a map, it had an outer area where you could traverse quickly between the two bases in a vehicle, or, battle it out inside the internal Forerunner structure.

I’ll let someone else give their suggestions for now. :stuck_out_tongue:


Blood gulch

Lockout, The Pit, Guardian, Warlock, Sanctuary, Narrows, and Haven.

The Pit, Narrows, Epitaph, SandTrap, Construct

Backwash from Halo 2.

Sword base, asylum, narrows, haven, powerhouse, guardian remixed, the pit,

Blood gulch, sand trap, guardian, the pit

The pit

Blood Gulch
Hang 'em High
Sand Trap

The problem with some of the Classic Halo maps is they’d need to be adjusted for Halo 5s mechanics and movement. I definitely think well see some awesome Forge remakes in December! I’m hoping for Guardian (its only fitting for Halo 5: Guardians), The Pit, Narrows, Last Resort, Ivory Tower, Beaver Creek,


Ice Fields would be a great Warzone map. It might be a bit small
though, but with a few adjustments…

Don’t really like Infinity, but it’s a huge map overal.

Halo CE fanboy checkin in.

No. Classic. Maps.

(Let’s finally move on.)

Zanzibar/Last Resort

That is all.

Blood Gultch!

two words…Beaver Creek